Club meetings are held on Wednesday Nights - Visitors Welcome           7:00 PM - Social Gathering 7:30 ~ 9:00 PM Meeting & Program (except for digital competition nights which start at 7:00)

~REMINDER: Club meetings start at 7:00 on Digital Competion Nights

Member Images
  • Courthouse Arches
    Courthouse Arches
  • Common Funnel Web Weaver
    Common Funnel Web Weaver
  • Afternoon Reflections
    Afternoon Reflections
  • A Little Too Close
    A Little Too Close
  • Orange Sherbet Dahlia
    Orange Sherbet Dahlia
  • Rainbow Swan
    Rainbow Swan
  • Blacksmith
  • Edinburgh Street Performer
    Edinburgh Street Performer
  • The Gardener
    The Gardener
  • Tenderness
  • Bandon Beach Horses
    Bandon Beach Horses
  • Milky Way Over Sossus Dune Lodge
    Milky Way Over Sossus Dune Lodge
  • Rural Mail
    Rural Mail
  • Watch Out, I'm Coming In!
    Watch Out, I'm Coming In!
  • Sedona Balloon
    Sedona Balloon
  • Pileated Woodpecker Family
    Pileated Woodpecker Family
  • Incoming
  • Northern Harrier with Nest Material
    Northern Harrier with Nest Material
  • Underground Lowell
    Underground Lowell
  • Bareback Wipe Out at Goshen Stampede
    Bareback Wipe Out at Goshen Stampede
  • Shed
  • Blue
  • Heart of Dahlia
    Heart of Dahlia
  • Boott Cotton Mill
    Boott Cotton Mill
  • Surfer
  • Chevy Power
    Chevy Power
  • Boston At Night
    Boston At Night
  • CinqueTerre Italian Riviera
    CinqueTerre Italian Riviera

MVCC Events
September 2019
18 CLUB MEETING - Time to Show Your Work (by Ron Wybranowski) :

Ron will share his experience displaying his print photography in shows and galleries.  He will focus on what works and what doesn't, costs and potential venues for shows.

25 CLUB MEETING - Southeast Florida Wildlife Photography & Excursions (by Jay Richard) :

This presentation provides an opportunity to expand or refresh your skills on How, When and Where to find wildlife in their natural habitat.

October 2019
02 CLUB MEETING - Photo Critique Night (Hosted by Steve Van Seters) :

Member images are given constructive criticism by a team of 3 member “judges”. There are no winners or losers, only critique.   Each member may submit up to 4 digital images.     (Refer to Steve's 12-Sep-2019 email for further details)

09 October Digital Images are Due for October 2019 Digital Competition DC1
09 CLUB MEETING - Digital Photo Challenge :

A new club activity being coordinated by Pat Watson.  (The subject for the first challenge is "REFLECTIONS" - Refer to Pat Watson's Sept 9th email for details).

16 CLUB MEETING - Travel Photography (by Denise Silva) :

This presentation focuses on how to prepare, both literally and mentally for travel photography. We don’t always get what we expect when we plan our epic vacations… learn how to roll with the punches in the entertaining presentation. Also, learn some handy tips and tricks on how to be prepared for the challenges of destination photography.