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~REMINDER: Club meetings start at 7:00 on Digital Competion Nights

Scores - 2015-2016 - October

October-2015 - Digital Competition
Judge: Jim DeLuco
Title Maker Points Award
Nature - Class A
Funnel Weaver With Fruitfly Arthur Vaughan 30 DIOM
Hummingbird Jutta Curtin 30 1ST
The Chase Joan Francoeur 29 2ND
Gotcha William Willis 29  
Woodpecker Sherie Dowsett 29  
Fish For Dinner Maryellen Stone 28  
Piping Plover With Worm John Lowe 28  
Plover Chick Wings Up Judi Hoyt 28  
Loon With Two Chicks Gary Hoyt 27  
Immature Bathing Oriole In Situ Christopher Bowe 26  
Alaskan Caribou Peggy Erb 24  
Nature - Class B
Pollen Count Glenn Rosander 27 1ST
Alaskan Grizzly In The Rain Don Erb 24  
Early Spring Snow Melt Steve Carson 24  
Snow Leopard Michael Francis 24  
American Goldfinch David Jones 23  
Where Robber Flies Come From Stephen Painter 23  
Nest Building William Marcoux 22  
General - Class A
Kiteboarder Jumping John Lowe 28 1ST
Uspa Governors 2015 Andrew Katsampes 28 2ND
September Foggy Sunrise Jim Fenton 28 3RD
Tiger Feeding Les Wood 28 HM
Supermoon And Sailboat In Salem Harbor Keri McAndrews 27  
Time And Light Tom Curtin 27  
Two Young Cowboys Howard Lung 27  
Beach Path Maryellen Stone 26  
Eastern Bluebird With Worm Judi Hoyt 26  
Marks Deli Justin Borden 26  
Phantom Sunrise Richard Ferris 26  
Photograhers At Cape Neddick Jim Kedersha 26  
Dahlias Beauty Sandy Thomas 25  
Milkweed Flower Sherie Dowsett 25  
Arms Full Of Love Lisa Pelonzi 24  
Dune Conservation Foggy Day Robert Yelle 24  
Generals Handoff Karl Hentz 24  
Picket Fence Joe Reardon 24  
Blue Angels4 Michelle Peterson 23  
Foggy Night At Peggys Cove Gary Hoyt 23  
Holy Cow Kelly Blackadar 23  
Eat Slowly Joan Francoeur 22  
General - Class B
Sunset Fishing Michael Francis 28 1ST
Emily Pat Lucas 27 2ND
Extreme Kayaking June Carson 26 3RD
Nationals On Sunday Lake Wendy Walsh 25  
Pond Mel Briggle 25  
Sunset Reflection Steve Carson 25  
Tulips Donald Weiner 25  
A Walk In The Garden Andrews Tina 24  
Big Red Stephen Lewis 24  
Moon Over Wachusett Glenn Rosander 24  
Angles Curves And Circles James Kidd 23  
Janyces Iris David Jones 23  
Rainy Day View Jane Pedersen 23  
Sentry At Motif #1 Victoria O'Brien 23  
Vermont Yarn Lorraine Lurvey 23  
Travel - Class A
Muckross Abbey Joe Reardon 29 1ST
Heceta Head Lighthouse Jutta Curtin 28 2ND
Il Colosseo At Dusk Prerak Shah 28  
Oob At Night William Willis 27  
Sunrise At Torres Del Paine National Park Howard Lung 27  
Wonder Lake And The Alaska Range Peggy Erb 26  
Wellington New Zealand Sunrise Louis Keller 25  
Bird In A Cage Les Wood 24  
Feeding The Seagulls Portland Me Kathy Radford 24  
Bamberg Bridge Tom Curtin 23  
Early Light At Sanibel Harold Roussell 23  
Fall Morning On The Lake Sandy Thomas 23  
Travel - Class B
Mt Brooks From Wonder Lake Denali Don Erb 29 1ST
Newfoundland Iceberg Jane Pedersen 28 2ND
Emerging From Darkness And Fog June Carson 28  
Christian Science Center Stephen Lewis 27  
Rudolphs Involuntary Retirement Pat Lucas 27  
Over The Top Gerry Charest 26  
Vermont Sunrise Lorraine Lurvey 26  
Arenal Volcano William Marcoux 25  
Gondolas In Repose Venice Victoria O'Brien 25  
Peggys Cove Light Nova Scotia James Kidd 25  
People & Portraiture - Class A
Young Equestrian Richard Ferris 27 1ST
The Surfer In Early Morn Keri McAndrews 26 2ND
Rainy Day Photography Arthur Vaughan 26  
The Face Behind The Music Kelly Blackadar 26  
Oth Yute 2015 Andrew Katsampes 25  
Prince Of The Pow Wow Renee Deal 25  
Smiling Jack Robert Yelle 25  
Thoughtful Beauty Karl Hentz 25  
Harper Lisa Pelonzi 24  
Puffin Portrait Louis Keller 24  
People & Portraiture - Class B
Painter In Garden Rod Parker 26 1ST
Where Is My Mouth Donald Weiner 25  
Brooke Andrews Tina 24  
Summer Fun Wendy Walsh 24  
Observing Stephen Painter 23  
Photojournalism - Class A
24 Hour Upgrade Harold Roussell 24 1ST
Flight Of The Polo Pony Renee Deal 24  
Riding Pow Prerak Shah 24  
Harvest Time Justin Borden 23  
Room To Spare Michelle Peterson 21  
Photojournalism - Class B
433 And Counting Gerry Charest 23  
Walk For Cancer Rod Parker 22