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Scores - 2015-2016 - November

November-2015 - Digital Competition
Paul Smith
Title Maker Points Award
Nature - Class A
Heavy Lifting Deb Sullivan 30 DIOM
Female Bluebird On A Mission John Lowe 29 1ST
One Less Vole Maryellen Stone 29 2ND
Skimmer With A Catch Joan Francoeur 29 3RD
Time For Dinner William Willis 29  
Egret Snacking Jim Kedersha 28  
Goldfinch Feeding Sherie Dowsett 28  
Yellow Warbler Christopher Bowe 28  
Hummingbird In The Rain Gary Hoyt 27  
Hummingbird Moth Feeding On Milk Thistle Jim Fenton 26  
Alaskan Caribou Peggy Erb 25  
Fuzzy Bee Harold Roussell 25  
Last Light Jutta Curtin 25  
Glacier Dragon Judi Hoyt 24  
Frog Legs For Lunch Larry Warfield 23  
Nature - Class B
Got Cha Stephen Painter 26 1ST
Ghost Crab William Marcoux 25 2ND
Territorial Dispute Bonnie Lucas 25  
Adirondack Cascade Steve Carson 24  
Armored Sentinel June Carson 24  
Heron Skipping At Waterfall Michael Francis 24  
Icab Timothy McKenna 24  
Juvenile Ibis Pinckney Island Sc David Jones 24  
Swans First Fall Jay Richard 24  
Morning Glow Nila Stickney 23  
General - Class A
Usaf Thunderbird Michele Peterson 28 1ST
Queen Annes Lace Sandy Thomas 27 2ND
Hummingbird # 6 Maryellen Stone 27 3RD
Morning Surf Joe Reardon 26  
Wren In Pine Sherie Dowsett 26  
B 17 Richard Ferris 25  
Halloween Silhouette Sunrise Keri McAndrews 25  
Maine Sunrise Jim Kedersha 25  
Two Woodstorks Joan Francoeur 25  
Double Tea Rose Robert Yelle 24  
Faux Studie John Lowe 24  
Fighting The Haverhill Mill Fire Jim Fenton 24  
Game Time Kelly Blackadar 24  
Little White Church Tom Curtin 24  
Ridgewood Les Wood 24  
Shaker Village Broom Shop Peggy Erb 24  
Welcome To Gatorland Gary Hoyt 24  
General - Class B
Snowy At Rest Michael Francis 26 1ST
Lonely Timothy McKenna 26 2ND
Wipeout William Marcoux 26  
61 Dreamboat Stephen Lewis 25  
Annisquam Light Don Erb 24  
Canterbury Colors Jane Pedersen 24  
Quiet Reflection Bonnie Lucas 24  
Breakwater Light Gerry Charest 23  
Fall Reflections Jay Richard 23  
Robin David Jones 23  
The Gahdin Victoria O'Brien 23  
Travel - Class A
Divine Light Prerak Shah 29 1ST
New England Monument Les Wood 28 2ND
Arc De Triomphe Tom Curtin 28  
First Light William Willis 27  
Kylemore Abbey Joe Reardon 27  
Multnomah Falls Jutta Curtin 26  
Sunset On The Dunes Sandy Thomas 26  
Wandering The Icelandic Highlands Judi Hoyt 24  
Travel - Class B
Walking To River Passau Germany James Kidd 27 1ST
Sunrise In The Adirondacks Steve Carson 27 2ND
Mount Denali Don Erb 26  
Vermont Glow Lorraine Lurvey 26  
York River Morning Gerry Charest 25  
Hardanger Fjord Norway Pat Lucas 24  
Newfoundland Provencial Park Jane Pedersen 24  
Venetian Traffic Jam Victoria O'Brien 23  
People & Portraiture - Class A
Heres Looking At You Kid Keri McAndrews 30 1ST
Fan 2015 0924 Andrew Katsampes 25  
Ready To Win Kelly Blackadar 25  
Water Skier Richard Ferris 25  
Ralph Robert Yelle 24  
The Littlest Warrior Renee Deal 24  
Thoughtful Beauty Karl Hentz 22  
People & Portraiture - Class B
James In Sunflowers James Kidd 26 1ST
Bongari Pat Lucas 25  
Olivia Smiles Lorraine Lurvey 25  
Schooner People Rod Parker 23  
Photojournalism - Class A
Aerosmith Rocks Cheyenne Wyoming Renee Deal 27 1ST
The Reach Harold Roussell 27  
Leader Of The Pack Larry Warfield 26  
Express Elevator Michele Peterson 25  
Gloucester 2015 7150 Andrew Katsampes 25  
Generals Handoff Karl Hentz 24  
Winter Blues Prerak Shah 23  
Photojournalism - Class B
Just Another Night Mel Briggle 25 1ST
Tuna Caught Off Coast Of Rye Nh Nila Stickney 24  
Cannery Row 2015 Stephen Painter 23  
Close Call June Carson 23  
Firemens Muster Rod Parker 23  
Revolutionary Reenactment Stephen Lewis 23