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~REMINDER: Club meetings start at 7:00 on Digital Competion Nights

Scores - 2014-2015 - October

October-2014 - Digital Competition
Judge: Jim DeLuco
Title Maker Points Award
Nature - Class A
What About Me Maryellen Stone 30 DIOM
Great Egret Acrobatics with Small Fish Bradford Smith 30 1ST
An Afternoon Cruise Jay Robins 30 2ND
Tree Swallows Christopher Bowe 30 3RD
Green Heron and Breakfast Jim Fenton 30 HM
A Ladybirds Journey Sherie Dowsett 29  
Male Pileated Transferring Grub Roy Haddock 29  
Pileated Feeding Chicks Gary Hoyt 29  
Family Dining William Willis 28  
Great Blue with Catch Armand Francoeur 28  
Heron Feeding Offspring Jim Kedersha 27  
Lunchtime Jutta Curtin 27  
Snacktime John Lowe 27  
A Jolly Fisherman Louis Keller 26  
Belted Kingfisher Larry Warfield 26  
American Bittern Deb Sullivan 25  
Awe Nuts Russell Denney 25  
Playing Around Sandy Thomas 25  
Roseate Spoonbill in Flight Joan Francoeur 25  
Bloody Five Ed Lanpher 24  
Feather In His Bill Keri McAndrews 24  
Puffin at his Nest Judi Hoyt 24  
Nature - Class B
Pollen Collection Michael Francis 30 1ST
Morning Stretch Steve Fales 29 2ND
Big Catch Harold Rousell 28  
Puffin Feeding Don Erb 28  
Hungry Jim Nelson 27  
Sabbaday Falls Harry Smith 26  
Goslings Gerry Charest 25  
Ride Stuart Merle 25  
Sand Art Pat Lucas 25  
Happy Napper Amy Schade 24  
On the Beach Amy Warfield 24  
Whose Ugly Rod Parker 24  
General - Class A
Milky Way Over Roques Bluff Jay Robins 28 1ST
F 22 Raptor Richard Ferris 28 2ND
Out in Front Thomas Curtin 27 3RD
The Moment Of His Passing Jim Fenton 27 HM
Padma Lotus Cinde Perdigao 27  
Zhou Zhuang Water Village China Howard Lung 27  
The Princess and the Frog Kelly Blackadar 26  
Breaking Joe Reardon 25  
Early Spaceship John Lowe 25  
Skiff in the Fog Peggy Erb 25  
Born in America Lisa Pelonzi 24  
Gathering Storm Les Wood 24  
Hummingbird at Bee Balm Bradford Smith 24  
Study in Texture 3 Kathy Radford 24  
Sunset on the Colorado Edward Weil 24  
Amanda 2014#7485 Andrew Katsampes 23  
Ice Crystals at Jokullon Iceland Judi Hoyt 23  
Lily Pollen Jeremy Slovin 23  
Picking Flowers Sherie Dowsett 23  
Schooner Isaac H Evans Under Full Sail Joan Francoeur 23  
Sunset and Hope Lynn Jan Meades 23  
Lily Maryellen Stone 21  
General - Class B
Newburyport At Night Justin Borden 28 1ST
Side View Jane Pedersen 26 2ND
Kayaks Victoria O'Brien 26 3RD
Stealth Stalker Amy Schade 25  
Thimbles Susan Linder 25  
Brad Paisley Renee Deal 24  
Lights on Memorial Bridge Stephen Carson 24  
Out Of Service Michael Francis 24  
The World Goes Around Harold Rousell 24  
This One is for all the Marbles Bob Miller 24  
Abloom at Coyote Buttes Catherine Sabath 23  
Green Falls Yoga Elaine Ford 23  
The Beauty of Pollination June Carson 23  
The Old Stable Laurence Picardi 23  
Car Wash Dennis Richards 22  
Tatter Sunflower Harry Smith 22  
Dandelion Fireworks Amy Warfield 21  
Travel - Class A
Sunrise At Jing Shan Ling Great Wall China Howard Lung 30 1ST
Going Fishing With Dad Cape Cod Sandy Thomas 28 2ND
Game of Thrones Dark Hedges Deb Sullivan 27 3RD
Traffic Jam Thomas Curtin 27  
Along The Irish Coast Roy Haddock 26  
Cali Coast Kevin Melia 26  
Athens Acropolis Louis Keller 25  
Canyon Country Les Wood 25  
Dunes Arch Joe Reardon 25  
Lubec Harbor Maine in the Fog Peggy Erb 25  
Twilight Sail in Boston Harbor David Maroney 25  
Washington Monument Jim Kedersha 25  
Along the Lawrence Canal Kathy Radford 24  
Parisian View William Willis 24  
Rockport Harbor Jeremy Slovin 23  
Stonehenge June 21st 2014   19  
Travel - Class B
Waiting For Sunrise Jane Pedersen 28 1ST
Coastal Storm Lorraine Lurvey 27 2ND
A Stroll in the Garden Gerry Charest 25  
Antelope Canyon Catherine Sabath 25  
Sleeping Sails Stephen Carson 25  
Solitude Rod Parker 25  
AbandonedTrain Waterstation Elaine Ford 24  
Presidio Stuart Merle 24  
Rockport Tina Andrews 24  
Seoul South Korea Dennis Richards 24  
Trout Fishing Weekend June Carson 24  
People & Portraiture - Class A
The Winner Karl Hentz 30 1ST
Fisherman In The Fog Keri McAndrews 28 2ND
Smiling Racer Richard Ferris 28  
Patty Lisa Pelonzi 26  
Unexpected Wind Cinde Perdigao 26  
My Heart Laid Before Me Russell Denney 25  
Natalie Has Blazing Red Hair Jan Meades 25  
Here I Come Jutta Curtin 24  
My Dad My Hero Kelly Blackadar 24  
Jacquelyn Ed Lanpher 22  
People & Portraiture - Class B
Pensive Beauty Linda Lyle Sullivan 27 1ST
Great Execution Don Erb 25 2ND
Bonnie and Clyde Kid Style Bob Miller 25  
Bridesmaid Steve Fales 24  
Madison Tina Andrews 24  
Pearce Renee Deal 24  
Christina Pat Lucas 23  
Contemplation Lorraine Lurvey 23  
Savanah Stephen Lewis 23  
Stay With Me Justin Borden 23  
Photojournalism - Class A
Almost Airborne Karl Hentz 27 1ST
Selfless Commitment David Maroney 25  
Lightning over Salisbury Gary Hoyt 24  
Market Basket Protest Rally Larry Warfield 24  
Moulton 2014#4558A Andrew Katsampes 24  
Photojournalism - Class B
The Faces of ALS Linda Lyle Sullivan 26 1ST
Tough Times Stephen Lewis 23  
Wild Turkey Nila Stickney 20