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Scores - 2015-2016 - October

October-2015 - Print Competition
Judge: Jon Sachs
Title Maker Points Award
David Joseph Keri McAndrews 29 POM
Two Patriots Malcolm Anderson 25 1ST
Lady Collodian William Willis 23  
Rocky People Rod Parker 23  
Face Independence Day Stephen Painter 22  
Pow Wow Beauty Maryellen Stone 21  
Color General
Dawn Breaks William Willis 29 1ST
Hvitserkur Rock Judi Hoyt 28 2ND
Loon Cruise Jim Kedersha 27 3RD
Sunrise On The Sand Keri McAndrews 27  
Moose Attack Sharon Reynolds 26  
Oregon Sunset Jutta Curtin 25  
In The Bowels Of The Polar Ship Fram Pat Lucas 24  
Aruba Coast Mel Briggle 23  
Garden Tulips Joan Francoeur 23  
Pugnose Malcolm Anderson 23  
As Far As The Eye Can See Maryellen Stone 22  
Rail Yard Patterns John Lowe 22  
Winter Island Lighthouse Rod Parker 20  
Balloons Over Suncook River   19  
Deere Project 6   19  
Courtship On The Beach Joan Francoeur 29 1ST
Before They Open Pat Lucas 28 2ND
Park Rose William Willis 27  
Abandoned Jutta Curtin 25  
River View Maryellen Stone 25  
Whose Serve Rod Parker 25  
Golden Opportunity Keri McAndrews 24  
Flower Meadows Armand Francoeur 22  
Pt 23 Michelle Peterson 22  
Black & White
Shadows And Reality At The Oslo Opera House Pat Lucas 27 1ST
Tree Swallow Migration Judi Hoyt 27 2ND
Storm Brewing Over Cape Neddick Jim Kedersha 27  
Brake Light Michelle Peterson 26  
Light Stripes William Willis 26  
Fog Lifting Jutta Curtin 25  
Old Mill Wall John Lowe 24  
The Rose Keri McAndrews 24  
Wear Ppe Stephen Painter 23  
Friendship In Winter Rod Parker 21  
The Grist Mill Malcolm Anderson 21  
Assigned - Bridge
Railroad Bridge At Sunset Maryellen Stone 28 1ST
On The Bridge William Willis 27 2ND
Zakim At Night John Lowe 26  
Golden Gate Bridge At Sunset Jutta Curtin 25  
Boston Twin Towers Michelle Peterson 24  
Memorial Bridge Sunset Keri McAndrews 24  
Red Bridge Sharon Reynolds 24  
Merrimack Bridge Rod Parker 23  
Lanigan Bridge Stephen Painter 20