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Scores - 2015-2016 - November

November-2015 - Print Competition
Judge: Shiv Verma
Title Maker Points Award
Black & White
Curators Attic Stephen Fales 30 POM
Stairwell Boott Mill John Lowe 29 1ST
A Grey Christmas In Meredith Jim Kedersha 28 2ND
Old Fishing Shack Judi Hoyt 27 3RD
At The Pier William Willis 26  
Blue Angel 2 Michelle Peterson 26  
Hill Side At Dusk Mel Briggle 26  
Tree In Smokey Mountains David Jones 26  
Firewood Malcolm Anderson 25  
Street Legal Stephen Painter 25  
Willows Shelter Rod Parker 25  
Old And New Sharon Reynolds 24  
Seeds Are Gone Jay Richard 24  
Canterbury Barn Pat Lucas 23  
Happy Boy Keri McAndrews 23  
Color General
Red Ford Michelle Peterson 28 1ST
Morning Has Broken William Willis 27 2ND
Loon With 2 Chicks Judi Hoyt 27 3RD
Sagamore At Sunset Maryellen Stone 26 HM
Snowy Owl Portrait Jim Kedersha 26  
Pugnose 2 Malcolm Anderson 25  
Spring Current Stephen Fales 25  
Harbor Sunset Mel Briggle 24  
Harpa Patterns John Lowe 24  
Sailing Class Rod Parker 24  
The Old Farmhouse Jutta Curtin 24  
October Morning Jay Richard 23  
Time To Hunt Joan Francoeur 23  
Get Em Up Don Gagnon 21  
Nh Waterfall 4 Sharon Reynolds 21  
Overlooking The Glacier Melt Pat Lucas 21  
Summer Cardinal David Jones 21  
Three Purple Tulips Keri McAndrews 21  
Nepenthe Phoenix   19  
Protected From The Wind Pat Lucas 28 1ST
Portland Head Light Armand Francoeur 27 2ND
Textured Tulips Jim Kedersha 27  
Bleeding Heart Literals William Willis 26  
Bobcat Lurking In The Woods Joan Francoeur 25  
The Painter Jutta Curtin 25  
Tree Frog 11 Stephen Painter 24  
Romance Maryellen Stone 23  
Ghost Ship Rod Parker 22  
Rose Michelle Peterson 22  
Stars And Stripes Keri McAndrews 22  
Victoria Falls Vegetable Market Pat Lucas 29 1ST
Alex Mel Briggle 27 2ND
Grenadier Officer Malcolm Anderson 27  
Morning Commute Keri McAndrews 26  
Three Attitudes Stephen Painter 25  
Ashley And Jakub Maryellen Stone 24  
Special Girl Rod Parker 24  
Fair Maiden Stephen Fales 23  
Softly She Comes William Willis 20  
Assigned - Ball
Bat Ball Glove Michelle Peterson 29 1ST
Play Ball Keri McAndrews 28 2ND
Rule The Field Stephen Painter 27  
Radiator Ball Jay Richard 26  
Wonder Woman Jutta Curtin 25  
Balls Rod Parker 24  
In The Bubble John Lowe 23  
Foot Volleyball Sharon Reynolds 20  
In The Pool William Willis 20  
Allium   19