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Scores - 2014-2015 - November

November-2014 - Digital Competition
Judge: Mike Roman
Title Maker Points Award
Nature - Class A
Lunch To Go Larry Warfield 30 DIOM
Preening Jim Fenton 30 1ST
Snowys Approach Roy Haddock 29 2ND
Female Bobolink Searching For Young Christopher Bowe 28 3RD
Moose Shake Sherie Dowsett 28 HM
Siblings John Lowe 27  
Happy Little Blue Heron Unhappy Crab Joan Francoeur 26  
Little Details At Trap Falls Keri McAndrews 26  
Puffin Taking Flight Peggy Erb 26  
Spoonbill Leaving The Rookery Deb Sullivan 26  
Frog Legs Maryellen Stone 25  
Landing Gear Down And Locked Louis Keller 25  
Snowy Egret with Damsel Fly Bradford Smith 25  
Snowy Owl Breakfast Jim Kedersha 25  
Dinner Time William Willis 24  
Hawk with Frogleg Gary Hoyt 24  
Ibis with Sea Snake Armand Francoeur 24  
Three Is A Crowd Jay Robins 24  
Nature - Class B
Water Falls Kathy O'Brien 29 1ST
The Last Burst of Fall Pat Lucas 28 2ND
Sunrise Birds Stuart Merle 28 3RD
Hawk on Plum Island Nila Stickney 26  
Swirling Current Stephen Carson 26  
Collection Time Justin Borden 25  
Leaves in the Lake Sharon Reynolds 25  
Piggy Back Ride Harold Rousell 25  
Plover William Marcoux 25  
Afternoon Among the Trees Karen Hyatt 24  
Dove Jon Birchmore 24  
Dammed It Up Harry Smith 23  
Pastel Landing Michael Francis 23  
American Coot Elaine Ford 22  
Dahlia Lorraine Lurvey 22  
General - Class A
First Acoustic Kelly Blackadar 29 1ST
Iris Sandy Thomas 28 2ND
Plum Island Sunrise Cinde Perdigao 28 3RD
Sun Rises Over Sailboats In Fog Keri McAndrews 28 HM
Brewer of Anheuser Busch Jan Meades 27  
Cat and Grass Sherie Dowsett 27  
Jailbird Jutta Curtin 27  
Thats my Cake George Lisa Pelonzi 27  
Three Tree Reflection in October Fog Jim Fenton 27  
A Beacon In The Fog Of Darkness Jay Robins 26  
How Sweet It Is Louis Keller 26  
Spaceship over Marsh Richard Ferris 26  
American Eagle Sailing Penobscot Bay Joan Francoeur 25  
Flowers Field At Yangshuo China Howard Lung 25  
Got Buoys David Maroney 25  
St Mary of the Assumption Les Wood 25  
The Fort Joe Reardon 25  
Under the Pier Peggy Erb 25  
A Close Race at Henley Edward Weil 24  
Fishing and Lightning Judi Hoyt 24  
Nautilus Maryellen Stone 24  
Rear View John Lowe 24  
Handout Thomas Curtin 23  
General - Class B
Sunrise through the Morning Dew Jim Kidd 28 1ST
Reflecting Fall Kathy O'Brien 27 2ND
Misty Maine Morning Don Erb 27 3RD
Night at the Quarry Bob Miller 26  
Autumn Leaf Steve Fales 25  
Dark Blue Hot Rod Harry Smith 25  
Untitled Jim O'Neill 25  
Before the Storm Stephen Lewis 24  
Halloween Symbols Michael Francis 24  
Lighthouse Jon Birchmore 24  
Pink Jane Pedersen 24  
Rockport Motif Victoria O'Brien 24  
Autumn Grace Kelly Heffernan 23  
Butchart Gardens Rod Parker 23  
The Bunker Laurence Picardi 23  
Travel - Class A
Sunrise At JingShanLing Great Wall China 2 Howard Lung 30 1ST
Point Imperial North Rim Roy Haddock 29 2ND
Laundry Day in Venice Jutta Curtin 28 3RD
Bryce Morning Thomas Curtin 28  
Early Morning On The Lake Sandy Thomas 27  
Gap Of Dunloe Deb Sullivan 27  
Hornblower Passing The Falls David Maroney 26  
Morning Clouds over the Tetons Les Wood 26  
Firey Furnace Joe Reardon 25  
Les Andelys William Willis 25  
Santorini Andrew Katsampes 25  
Drama along the Icefield Parkway Bradford Smith 24  
Stonehenge Everyone is a Photographer Edward Weil 24  
Tourist at Goddafoss Judi Hoyt 24  
Road to the Farm Kathy Radford 23  
Travel - Class B
Keeping Watch Sally Gaffney 29 1ST
Rainbow Row Gerry Charest 29 2ND
Eiffel Tower William Marcoux 29 3RD
Beautiful Coastline Harold Rousell 28  
Returning Home to Gloucester Don Erb 28  
Interstate 70 Utah Catherine Sabath 27  
Newport Tall Ships Rod Parker 26  
Mussenden Temple Downhill House June Carson 25  
Rafting Jane Pedersen 25  
Starry Night Lorraine Lurvey 25  
Virginia Beach Wendy Walsh 25  
Portland Harbor Sails Stephen Carson 24  
Taj Stuart Merle 24  
A View from Curleys Cabin Pat Lucas 23  
Table Rock South Carolina Elaine Ford 23  
People & Portraiture - Class A
The King Lisa Pelonzi 30 1ST
Young Violinist Kelly Blackadar 28  
Mixologist Cindy Richard Ferris 27  
Running Hard Karl Hentz 27  
Childhood Innocence Kathy Radford 25  
Admiral Stop Biting the Bit Jan Meades 24  
My Mom Is Getting Married Cinde Perdigao 24  
People & Portraiture - Class B
Do Young Bob Miller 30 1ST
Lucy Sarah Gerry Charest 29 2ND
Roy Justin Borden 28  
Bryana Steve Fales 27  
Flowers for Mom Stephen Lewis 26  
Hair Raising Renee Deal 24  
Vast Horizon Amy Schade 24  
Eve on the River Sharon Reynolds 23  
Photojournalism - Class A
The Handoff Karl Hentz 29 1ST
Laconia Dog Race Jim Kedersha 29  
Shot On Goal Larry Warfield 28  
Cleaning Fish Andrew Katsampes 24  
Photographing Glaciers Gary Hoyt 23  
Photojournalism - Class B
Leaving Them In The Dust Jim Kidd 29 1ST
Flying High at the Daddy of Em All Renee Deal 29  
Jump Ming Chen Lee 28  
Injured Skier Medvac June Carson 27  
Sister Save Amy Schade 26  
Sunrise Boarding on Hampton Beach Nila Stickney 23