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Scores - 2014-2015 - December

December-2014 - Digital Competition
Judge: Paul Smith
Title Maker Points Award
Nature - Class A
Pileated Family Feeding Roy Haddock 30 1ST
Yellowstone Timber Wolf Snarls Jay Robins 30 2ND
Terns Jim Fenton 30 3RD
Great Crested Flycatcher With Dragonfly Christopher Bowe 28 HM
Incoming Jutta Curtin 28  
Laughing Gull with a Seahorse Joan Francoeur 28  
Heres Looking At You Kid Larry Warfield 27  
Looking Back Judi Hoyt 27  
Milkweed Sherie Dowsett 27  
On A Mission William Willis 27  
First Catch Maryellen Stone 26  
Herons Nesting Jim Kedersha 26  
Lotus Cinde Perdigao 26  
Cedar Waxwing with Mulberry Gary Hoyt 25  
Greater Yellowlegs Peggy Erb 25  
Reddish Egret Hunting Armand Francoeur 25  
Breeding Egret Preening John Lowe 24  
Heron At The Edge Of The Pond Keri McAndrews 24  
Nature - Class B
Aurora on Chocorua Kathy O'Brien 30 DIOM
Dinner Wrap Harold Rousell 28 1ST
Bison in Yellowstone NP Don Erb 26 2ND
Mouse Snack June Carson 25  
BH Rod Parker 24  
Fall Cascade Stephen Carson 24  
Fish Dinner William Marcoux 24  
Rusty Tipped Page Sharon Reynolds 24  
Finch Nila Stickney 23  
Liquid Gold Pat Lucas 23  
Mount Chocorua Harry Smith 23  
General - Class A
Naughty and Nice Lisa Pelonzi 30 1ST
Good Harbor Sunrise Gary Hoyt 27 2ND
In Control Jim Fenton 27 3RD
Painted Lisianthus Cinde Perdigao 27 HM
Tulips Jutta Curtin 27 HM
Milky Way Over Sand Beach Jim Kedersha 27  
Milky Way Over Quoddy Head Jay Robins 26  
Reddish Egret Fishing Joan Francoeur 26  
Tongue Out for Balance John Lowe 26  
Zhou Zhuang Water Village China 2 Howard Lung 26  
A Bee Doing What A Bee Does Louis Keller 25  
Cirrus Sunset Richard Ferris 25  
Full Moon and Hampton Harbor Jan Meades 25  
Great Horned Owl Baby Maryellen Stone 25  
Room With A View Joe Reardon 25  
Sailing Thomas Curtin 25  
Autumn At Randolph Church Keri McAndrews 24  
Goldenrod and Sage Les Wood 24  
Gray Autumn Day At Quannapowitt David Maroney 24  
Grown From Seed Sandy Thomas 24  
Lobster Gear Kathy Radford 24  
Old Train Depot Peggy Erb 24  
Trust Kelly Blackadar 24  
Windswept Beach Deb Sullivan 24  
Complex Braids 5333 Andrew Katsampes 23  
Falling into Winter Edward Weil 23  
My Best Side Sherie Dowsett 23  
General - Class B
Putting on the Breaks in ol Cheyenne Renee Deal 30 1ST
Newburyport Sunrise Justin Borden 28 2ND
Sunset Rod Parker 28 3RD
West Newbury Barn at Sunset Jim Kidd 26 HM
Casting Laurence Picardi 25  
Reaching Out Cathy Sabath 25  
Babson Farm Quarry Bob Miller 24  
Colors Jane Pedersen 24  
Covered Bridge Steve Fales 24  
Horses On The Hill Kathy O'Brien 24  
Montreal From the 12th Floor Gerry Charest 24  
Monument Valley Vista Stephen Carson 24  
Park Bench Skippers At Redds Pond Pat Lucas 24  
Swan With Attitude Harry Smith 24  
Tiny Feast June Carson 24  
Boston At Night Lorraine Lurvey 23  
Portovenere Italian Riviera Victoria O'Brien 23  
Table With A View Stephen Lewis 23  
Travel - Class A
Castle In The Clouds Deb Sullivan 28 1ST
Blue On Blue Santorini Louis Keller 27 2ND
JingShanLing Great Wall After Rain China Howard Lung 27  
Fiery Days End Cape Cod Sandy Thomas 26  
Chilkat Mtns Thomas Curtin 24  
On The Seine William Willis 24  
Sunset over Falmouth Beach Les Wood 24  
The Morgan Joe Reardon 24  
Stonehenge Edward Weil 23  
The View at False Kiva Roy Haddock 23  
Travel - Class B
Monuments William Marcoux 26 1ST
Udaipur Stuart Merle 26  
Cape Neddick After Sunset Michael Francis 24  
Conway Jackson Bridge Bob Miller 24  
Winter Morning Amy Warfield 24  
Flying Jane Pedersen 23  
Traffic Jam Venice Italy Victoria O'Brien 23  
People & Portraiture - Class A
Protector Kelly Blackadar 26 1ST
Sunrise Surfer Richard Ferris 26  
Anita a la Hollywood Jan Meades 25  
Shawn Lisa Pelonzi 25  
All for the Shot Judi Hoyt 24  
Close Race Karl Hentz 23  
People & Portraiture - Class B
Jumpers Amy Schade 28 1ST
Sean Justin Borden 26  
Pow Wow Princess Renee Deal 25  
Distraction Stuart Merle 24  
Loving Wife Steve Fales 24  
Take To The Sky Wendy Walsh 24  
Chrystian Stephen Lewis 23  
Photojournalism - Class A
Practiced Takeoff David Maroney 28 1ST
St Marys Powder Puff 2606 Andrew Katsampes 27  
The Pinkerton Coach Karl Hentz 26  
Burlington On Attack Larry Warfield 24  
Lobsterman at work Kathy Radford 23  
Photojournalism - Class B
Soldiers Sacrifice Lorraine Lurvey 26 1ST
Pistol Packing Mama Nila Stickney 25 2ND
Above The Cloud Forest Sharon Reynolds 24  
Nest Down By Hurricane Harold Rousell 24  
Rafting the Penobscot Don Erb 24  
Summer Jazz Gerry Charest 24  
Sword Dance Competition NH Highland Games Jim Kidd 24  
Get Up Amy Schade 23  
Love On Rocks Neddick Sunset Michael Francis 23  
The Music Stand Amy Warfield 23