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~REMINDER: Club meetings start at 7:00 on Digital Competion Nights

Scores - 2014-2015 - February

February 2015 - Digital Competition
Rick Cloran
Title Maker Points Award
Nature - Class A
Goldfinch Upside Down Feeding Behavior Christopher Bowe 30 DIOM
GC Flycatcher Express Delivery Roy Haddock 29 1ST
The Seahorse is Mine Joan Francoeur 28 2ND
Chowing Down John Lowe 28 3RD
Red Tail Hawk in Flight Gary Hoyt 27  
Feed Me Maryellen Stone 26  
Golden Hour Takeoff Jay Robins 26  
November Milkweed Sherie Dowsett 26  
Red Tail Hawk Juvenile Preening Jim Fenton 26  
The Big Yawn Jutta Curtin 26  
Egret on the Wing Armand Francoeur 25  
Snowy Flyby Judi Hoyt 25  
Fresh Fish For Dinner Louis Keller 24  
Mockingbird on Winterberry Larry Warfield 24  
Fall Reflections Deb Sullivan 23  
Feeding Time William Willis 23  
Mallard Duck Peggy Erb 23  
Nature - Class B
Just out Nymph to Dragonfly Harold Rousell 28 1ST
Wren Taking A Break Nila Stickney 26  
Four Swans A Flying June Carson 25  
Opportunity Awaits Stephen Carson 24  
Whirlpool Kathy O'Brien 24  
General - Class A
Milky Way Over Motif No1 Jay Robins 28 1ST
Tattooed Racer Richard Ferris 28 2ND
Three Amigos Howard Lung 28 3RD
The Babysitter Jutta Curtin 27 HM
Earth Sea and Sky at Dawn Jim Fenton 27  
Lotus Rising Cynthia Lou Perdigao 27  
Kapatoes 2014 Andrew Katsampes 26  
Mischief Les Wood 26  
One Brown One Blue Kelly Blackadar 26  
Spiked Petals John Lowe 26  
Stormy Eyes Kathy Radford 26  
Cardinal In Snow Maryellen Stone 25  
Fireworks Spectacular Keri McAndrews 25  
Pastel Flow Lisa Pelonzi 25  
Red Bellied Woodpecker Sherie Dowsett 25  
The Barn Joe Reardon 25  
The Pollinator Thomas Curtin 25  
Queen Annes Lace Sandy Thomas 24  
Canyon Reflections Edward Weil 23  
Sunset and Resting Seagull Jan Meades 23  
The Old Scituate Lighthouse Joan Francoeur 23  
Dove David Maroney 22  
General - Class B
EdW Dahlia Lorraine Lurvey 27 1ST
Tired Little Kitten Wendy Walsh 25 2ND
Albany Covered Bridge Justin Borden 24  
Golden Jane Pedersen 23  
Road to Mount Greylock June Carson 23  
Washing in Ganges Stuart Merle 23  
Blending In Rod Parker 22  
Rocky Cascade Stephen Carson 22  
Travel - Class A
Sunset at Dead Horse Point SP Deb Sullivan 28 1ST
JinShanLing Great Wall China Howard Lung 27 2ND
Santorini Greece Louis Keller 27 3RD
Icelandic Highlands Gary Hoyt 26  
Svinafellsjokull Glacier Judi Hoyt 26  
Fun Time in New England Les Wood 24  
Saint Annes Joe Reardon 24  
Venice Thomas Curtin 24  
Annisquam Light from Wingaersheek Beach Peggy Erb 23  
Athens 2014 Andrew Katsampes 23  
Boating in the Canyon Edward Weil 23  
Never Forget William Willis 23  
Playing to the Audience David Maroney 23  
Rossbeigh Strand Ring of Kerry Roy Haddock 23  
Days End Nauset Beach Sandy Thomas 22  
Noreaster Hampton Beach Kathy Radford 22  
Travel - Class B
McKinley Reflected Jane Pedersen 26 1ST
Cliffs and Clouds Kathy O'Brien 25  
Boating on Cape Cod Harold Rousell 24  
Brant Point Light Gerry Charest 24  
Flying into Rio Stuart Merle 23  
Sunset on the Seine William Marcoux 21  
People & Portraiture - Class A
The Wish Cynthia Lou Perdigao 29 1ST
A Girl And Her Horse Keri McAndrews 28  
Danny Richard Ferris 27  
Sugar and Spice Lisa Pelonzi 27  
Javelin Man Karl Hentz 26  
Emma Kelly Blackadar 24  
Pete Veneto Reminisants at Drums Jan Meades 23  
People & Portraiture - Class B
James Justin Borden 27 1ST
Country Girls Ready to Rock Renee Deal 25  
Talia Tiffany Alex Gerry Charest 23  
Chocolate Lover William Marcoux 22  
Photojournalism - Class A
Wild Winter Plunge Karl Hentz 25  
Pure Concentration Larry Warfield 24  
Photojournalism - Class B
Down and Dirty in Ol Cheyenne Renee Deal 27 1ST
Front Row Seats Rod Parker 26  
The Fly Lorraine Lurvey 24  
Hungry Hawk At Plum Island Nila Stickney 23