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Scores - 2014-2015 - March

March-2015 - Digital Competition
Judge: Dan Charbonnet
Title Maker Points Award Comments
General - Class A
Mystic Joe Reardon 30 DIOM Strong, well crafted, treatment works well with subject
West Parish Chapel Louis Keller 30 1ST Excellent Monochrome image. Love the detail
Big Splash John Lowe 29 2ND Strong Sports Action, Good positioning, excellent detail
The Pounce Sherie Dowsett 28 3RD Excellent timing. Held texture and tone of snow well
Covered With Morning Dew Sandy Thomas 27 HM Colors work well, Sharp with excellent detail
Milky Way Over Crane Estate Jay Robins 27   Excellent sky. Building needs to be brighter
Cowboy and Cowgirl Howard Lung 26   Crop from right and top for better balance
Emerging With Dawns First Light Jim Fenton 26   Interesting approach, need to open shadows on left some
Retro Chrysler Richard Ferris 26   Technique works well, dramatic image
Tiger Swallowtail Les Wood 26   Brighten up a bit, flip horizontal
Trumpeter Swan Jutta Curtin 26   Good detail and composition
Country Lily Cinde Perdigao 25   Creative, good use of texture, bothered by dark edge
Newborn Love Lisa Pelonzi 25   Subject appealing, woman's skin washed out
Stata Center Reflection Deb Sullivan 25   Crop to remove sky and door on right
Canadian Ground Squirrel Joan Francoeur 24   Good exposure and detail. Flip horizontal
Harbor Frozen No Fish Today Jan Meades 24   Held whites well, needs a bit more space at top
Milt Muffin Kathy Radford 24   Crop some from left. Record shot
Redwall Canyon Edward Weil 23   A bit static and soft. Too much noise in sky
Tulip # 3 Maryellen Stone 23   Needs more light thrown on blossom
Tending Sail   19   Horizon extremely titled
Bluebird in the Snow   18   Composition good, image too soft
General - Class B
This Sunflower Is All Mine David Jones 28 1ST Well handled closeup.
Starry Night Lorraine Lurvey 27 2ND Well handled mono but can stand some straightening.
Common in Winter Rod Parker 26   Open up shadows
Fleet Gerry Charest 25   Watch those horizons. This is tilted
Little Scottie Pat Lucas 25   Presentation a bit muddy. Composition good
Harvard Reflections Stephen Carson 24   Good seeing but lacks impact. Use NIK Viveza
Rushing Waters Jane Pedersen 24   Dark water is excellent. White water is distraction
Winter Playtime William Marcoux 24   Snow a bit warm. Dog not sharp
Excellent technically and pictorally with a strong nature story        
Good detail, excellent story, technically well handled Sherie Dowsett 30 1ST Excellent technically and pictorially with a strong nature story
Piping Plover Breakfast Larry Warfield 29 2ND Good detail, excellent story, technically well handled
Eye to Eye With Breakfast Jim Fenton 29 3RD Technically excellent with good story. Technically you held the details in the white feathers well.
Aggression John Lowe 28   The bugling provides a good nature story, Good detail in the image
Food Fight Jutta Curtin 28   Story very good. Tweak exposure and texture. The Structure, shadow adjustments and brightness sliders in Viveza are good tools here.
Great Crested Flycatcher Feeding Family Christopher Bowe 28   Another good story. Timing worked well
Reddish Egret with Catch Gary Hoyt 28   Technically well handled, good nature story
Worms For Breakfast Maryellen Stone 27   Com[positions good as is nature story. A bit soft with flat lighting.
Gull with a Quick Catch Joan Francoeur 26   Good story. Open up shaded side of gull and darken water slightly to better focus attention on the gull and splash.
Male Pileated Removing Fecal Sacs Roy Haddock 26   Crop tighter and resize so sacs are more apparent. Completely eliminate space to left of tree.
Bull Elk Peggy Erb 25   Maginificent bull but not much nature story. Zoology images should have stronger stories than just "here I am'. The more common the subject, the less success a Here I am shot will have.
Here Comes Lunch Kelly Blackadar 25   Good story, needs to be a bit sharper
Porcupine And Lupine Jay Robins 25   Color and detail good. Borders on obvious setup, especially position of lupine stalk
Skimmer at Sunset Judi Hoyt 24   Great shot but not sharp enough
Ibis on Approach Armand Francoeur 22   Action good, too much digital noise, needs correction for green color cast
Nature - Class B
Who is Hiding Harold Rousell 29 1ST Excellent technique and story
Woodland Rush Stephen Carson 27   Well handled but ordinary waterfall. Need to correct for green color cast. Use of Auto Color is sufficient.
Osprey With Fish Rod Parker 26   Story good, background distracting. Crop from left and top to reduce distractions and resize.
Black Capped Chicadee Nila Stickney 23   Vignetting, especially negative vignetting, not good technique in Nature. It creates an unrealistic look to the image. Otherwise your image is good
Glowing pine Pat Lucas 21   Technically the image is not sharp. Path through trees will be considered too broad to be a natural feature and be treated as a human element
Travel - Class A
Sunrise at Yellow Mountains Howard Lung 30 1ST Another sense of place well handled. Here is a situation where judge knowledge helps in Travel competitions.
Nubble Early Light William Willis 29 2ND Dramatic image with sense of place. I like power line. It enhances the feeling of place. Open up about 1/3 stop.
Greece 2014 0251 Andrew Katsampes 28 3RD Architectureal closeups and people closeups generally do not work in Travel because they loose a sense of place. This closeup retained as sense of place and worked.
Cedar Breaks Thomas Curtin 28   Strong image of often overlooked location. This is an example of what I mean by sense of place.
Evening Campground Edward Weil 27   Open up the bottom of image to show tables clearly. Showing them makes the image more than just a record of a location.
Frozen Hampton Harbor Fishboats Jan Meades 27   Has sense of place, needs a bit more contrast. Converting to the Photoshop Greyscale mode is probably the worst way to create effective monochrome images. Use the B&W Adjustment layer instead.
Ice Lagoon Boat Ride Gary Hoyt 27   Iconic Iceland scene. It has a good sense of place
Ortakoy Mosque And Bosphorus Bridge Louis Keller 27   Good night shot. The blank sky area above the bridge does not add anything to the sense of place provided by the bridge and city scape. Crop down sky area. Reduction of the negative space will enhance the other objects.
Aspens Joe Reardon 26   Excellent shot but lacks a sense of place. The scene could have been taken anywhere.
Horseshoe Falls David Maroney 26   The brown area on the left side of the image hurts
Monhegan Island Peggy Erb 26   Technically well handled shot but rather ordinary. Add some tonal contrast using Color Efex 4 if you have it. Get rid of that dust spot in the right sky.
Fall Reflections Maine Sandy Thomas 25   An appealing well handled shot but no sense of place. Good image but not for a Travel category.
The Watchman Deb Sullivan 24   Seems tilted, lighting seems flat, needs contrast. Foliage is good but Watchman is dull. If you have it, play with Viveza.
Sunset over Woods Hole Les Wood 23   The shadow areas obscure your sense of place. As composed, the sunset is more important with the place it is occurring, weakening its use in a travel category.
Travel - Class B
Smokies Sunrise Jane Pedersen 29 1ST Iconic shot well handled. It strongly
Starry Night at Albany Bridge Kathy O'Brien 28 2ND The covered bride gives this image a sense of place.
Arches National Park Cathy Sabath 28 3RD The image is adequately sharp and detailed. It does provide a good sense of place. The image seems tilted but straightening cuts arch. It looks like you have some wide angle lens distortion but again, correcting for the distortion cuts the arch.
Bon Voyage June Carson 27   Travel times two, place and mode. Technically well handled.
Boston Gerry Charest 27   Your composition is good. The lighting and details are a bit flat. The Image appears tilted.
Lake Chapel Primitive Baptist Church Georgia Renee Deal 27   Well handled monochrome conversion. It is the moss hanging from the trees that gives this image its sense of place in the deep south.
Panda At The National Zoo Having Lunch David Jones 26   Zoo shots are not good images to use for Travel categories. Unless something about the image shows it is a special zoom, it looses sense of place. Technically, the lighting a bit flat.
Annisquam Light Don Erb 25   Composition good. The image was taken at wrong time of day for good lighting, making the image appear flat. It can be enhanced with various plug-ins while maintaining the reality of the scene.
Evening Stroll Bob Miller 25   The foreground park obscures city scape in the background. Opening up the background with the Viveza Shadow Adjustment slider provides a better sense of place to the image.
Sunset on the Seine William Marcoux 25   You need to open the shadows to eliminate the multiple mergers, especially the boat just beyond the bridge.
Cadillac Ranch Amarillo TX Wendy Walsh 24   Tis would be Better for pj than travel. It relies heavily on judge knowledge and as presented does not really have a sense of place if the title is not known.
Jefferson Falls Lorraine Lurvey 24   Nice shot of the rapids but it does not provied any real sense of place. The waterfall could be any place. Try not to rely on titles to provide that sense of place.
Utah Valley to Mountains Harold Rousell 24   A record type show we all wind up taking but not really a strong travel image. A good fill-in shot for a sequence about your trip but not a strong stand-a-lone shot.
Cuban Sunset Stuart Merle 23   Too dark, especially bottom two thirds. Even when these areas are opened there is nothing about the image that says Cuba.
People & Portraiture - Class A
Biker Chick Richard Ferris 29 1ST An excellent candid portrait
Vintage baby Lisa Pelonzi 28   Nice shot. Recommend you Increase the negative vignette and relocate the center to the face.
Bright Face Smug Face Smile Cinde Perdigao 27   Crop a bit tighter, eliminate exposed legs
Linda William Willis 27   Open hair shadows. Next time pose facing left so hair is not blocker for viewer to see face. Flipping horizontal will show what I mean
Sisters Forever Kelly Blackadar 27   Tender and pleasing
A Pleasant Smile Keri McAndrews 26   Technically well done. Nice eye contact. The tonal range very narrow. If you have Silver Efex, look at the Full Dynamic Smooth Preset
Portrait Of A Champion Karl Hentz 25   A bit over exposed. Zoom effect does not really help in this case
People & Portraiture - Class B
Self Portrait Justin Borden 29 1ST Strong monochrome image. Cropping adds to the dramatic presentation.
I Love My New Hat June Carson 28 2ND Pleasing portrait. Background busy. I have no problems with the tight crop.
Flowers In Waves Wendy Walsh 27   A fun shot. Needs to be tighter to focus the viewer on the girls more than the setting.
Owen Don Erb 26   Too much space on right. Visually balances better if you crop just to the left of the right red stripe.
Snow Bunny Lydia Renee Deal 26   Crop out the distracting sky. Add some more tonal contrast.
Father and Son Stuart Merle 25   Good of the son. Too bad the father was looking down.
Year of the Ram Bob Miller 23   It had potential but you did not reveal enough about the person
Dragon Dance Kathy O'Brien 20   More pj than people. Dragon costume hides the person.
Photojournalism - Class A
Iced In Keri McAndrews 29 1ST The ice tells most of the story of winter but the large mound of snow on the deck tells even more of the story.
Rhythm Larry Warfield 28   Good isolation of runners. Background is not intrusive. You chose a good viewpoint for your shooting.
Close Race Karl Hentz 27   Good photojournalism should tell a story. This does. Good expressions on the relay runners' faces. Needs more space on right.
Snowbound in Southie David Maroney 27   Strong Story. Like the skier, you need to override meter. You also need to straighten the buildings.
Mt Wachusett 2015 1639 Andrew Katsampes 26   Good action, needs to be about half stop brighter. It appears the snow fooled your meter, reducing the exposure to cost you details in the skier.
Special Tea for Seniors in their 90s Kathy Radford 26   Stronger for portrait than PJ. Human interest story is not apparent without knowing the title. In many competitions the judges will not know the titles.
Documentation of Poaching Roy Haddock 25   Story is there but weak without knowing the title. The story is stronger with a tighter composition to make story more apparent
Photojournalism - Class B
Shoot the Ball Justin Borden 27   Good action, too much setting. Crop from the bottom to the edge of the black zone on the floor, then resize.
Hungry Woodpecker Nila Stickney 26   Needs to be opened up about a stop