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Scores - 2014-2015 - April

April-2015 - Digital Competition
Gail Hansche-Godin
Title Maker Points Award
General - Class A
Full Bloom Lisa Pelonzi 30 DIOM
Bass Harbor At Sunset Jim Kedersha 29 1ST
Tracks Richard Ferris 29 2ND
The Chandlery Joe Reardon 29 3RD
Little Cowboy Howard Lung 29 HM
Young Ice Climber Roy Haddock 29 HM
Love at First Sight Kelly Blackadar 28  
Milky Way Over Crawford Station Jay Robins 28  
On The Farm Thomas Curtin 28  
Reflecting Pool Les Wood 28  
Protected Jim Fenton 27  
Sunset on Stearns Pond Gary Hoyt 27  
Dahlia Sandy Thomas 26  
Just About Sunrise Cinde Perdigao 26  
Tortilla Kathy Radford 26  
Wild Parakeet Snacking Joan Francoeur 26  
Icelocked No Fish Today Jan Meades 25  
Sun Voyager John Lowe 25  
This Old House Peggy Erb 25  
Tulip No. 4 Maryellen Stone 25  
Cant Take Him Anywhere David Maroney 24  
Curious Cats Sherie Dowsett 24  
Henley Afternoon Edward Weil 24  
Jailers Desk Deb Sullivan 24  
On The Run William Willis 23  
Springtime Bird Silhouette Keri McAndrews 21  
General - Class B
Old Blue Rod Parker 29 1ST
Heading Home Kathy O'Brien 28 2ND
Maple Sugaring Don Erb 26 3RD
Abandoned Water Slide Goat Abode Renee Deal 26  
Boott Cotton Mills Machinery Stephen Carson 26  
Purple Passion Stephen Lewis 26  
A Barn Along The Backroads Pat Lucas 25  
Bath Time Wendy Walsh 25  
Broken Reflections Jane Pedersen 25  
Late Winter Sunset Michael Francis 24  
Mirrored Balloon Brian Gudzevich 24  
Rooms of Knowledge June Carson 24  
Impressionism in the Raw Cathy Sabath 23  
Take Off Gerry Charest 23  
Nature - Class A
Common Terns Feeding Two Day Old Chick Jim Fenton 30 1ST
On The Move William Willis 30 2ND
Constructing The Nest Jay Robins 29 3RD
Anticipation Maryellen Stone 28  
Dinner for 3 Jutta Curtin 28  
Kingbird Catching Mosquitos Larry Warfield 28  
Bluet Damselfly Louis Keller 27  
Male Pileated Removing Fecal Sacs Roy Haddock 27  
Heron and Two Egrets Gary Hoyt 26  
Reddish Egret Hunting John Lowe 26  
Reddish Egret with a Catch Joan Francoeur 26  
Spring Chickadee Sherie Dowsett 25  
Swallows Territory Dispute Christopher Bowe 24  
That Damn Branch Judi Hoyt 24  
Wild Parrot Armand Francoeur 23  
Nature - Class B
Coming Out Harold Roussell 26 1ST
Seagull Having Lunch Nila Stickney 26  
Little Screech Justin Borden 25  
Having A Bad Feather Day William Marcoux 24  
Cardinal and Goldfinch Phil Frank 23  
Nimaj Stuart Merle 23  
Travel - Class A
Morning Light Les Wood 30 1ST
Beijing National Stadium China Howard Lung 30 2ND
Covered Bridge Joe Reardon 28  
Summer Palace Beijing Louis Keller 28  
Monument Valley Sundown Thomas Curtin 27  
Watching The Day End Sandy Thomas 27  
Boars Head Worst Winter Ever Jan Meades 25  
Camping in the Canyon Edward Weil 25  
Greece 2014 Andrew Katsampes 24  
Jokulsarlon Glacier Judi Hoyt 24  
House On Fire Deb Sullivan 22  
Travel - Class B
Zion National Park Cathy Sabath 30 1ST
The Louvre at Night William Marcoux 28 2ND
Evening Glow Kathy O'Brien 28  
Motif Number One Gerry Charest 28  
Baltimore Inner Harbor Phil Frank 26  
Early Morning at Nubble Light Harold Roussell 26  
No Sailing Today Pat Lucas 25  
Portland Head Light Winter 2015 Stephen Carson 24  
Rockport Jane Pedersen 24  
Annisquam Light Don Erb 23  
Ganges Ceremony Stuart Merle 23  
North End Corner Amy Warfield 23  
People & Portraiture - Class A
Old Timer Peggy Erb 30 1ST
Mountain Bedouin Richard Ferris 29  
Big Hug Jutta Curtin 28  
Innocence Kelly Blackadar 28  
Happy And Frozen Karl Hentz 27  
A Girl And Her Horse Keri McAndrews 25  
Kisses Lisa Pelonzi 25  
People & Portraiture - Class B
Chrystian Stephen Lewis 30 1ST
I Will Love You Forever June Carson 27  
Ward Williams Steel Guitar Renee Deal 25  
Peabody Backstroke Lorraine Lurvey 24  
Field Of Dreams Wendy Walsh 23  
Jessica Justin Borden 23  
Photojournalism - Class A
Watertown Doggett Andrew Katsampes 30 1ST
Close Race Karl Hentz 29  
Thats Gotta Hurt Larry Warfield 27  
Goaltending David Maroney 24  
Yoga Master Healing Cinde Perdigao 24  
Enjoying Easter Egg Festivities Kathy Radford 23  
Photojournalism - Class B
Poodle Cruising Hampton Beach Nila Stickney 24 1ST
On Ice Amy Warfield 23  
We Lost Rod Parker 23  
Hawk Frenzy Michael Francis 22  
Lowell Mill Lorraine Lurvey 22