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Scores - 2014-2015 - October

October-2014 - Print Competition
Judge: Steve Sulewski
Title Maker Points Award
Color General
Another Tequila Sunrise Roy Haddock 30 POM
Warm Light At Nubble Robert Ring 29 1ST
Plum Island Jetty Lisa Pelonzi 28 2ND
Sailing Jutta Curtin 27 3RD
Honfleur Motif William Willis 26 HM
Female Mallard over Marsh Grass Bradford Smith 26  
Heritage & Victoria Chimes Armand Francoeur 26  
Isolation John Lowe 26  
Sesuit Harbor Sunset Larry Warfield 26  
Hummingbird Maryellen Stone 25  
Prize Rooster Elaine Ford 24  
Waterfall And Stream Jim Kedersha 24  
William Sherrie Dowsett 24  
Mount Cadillac Dennis Richards 23  
Sailsbury Beach David Volkmann 23  
Japanese Tree Rod Parker 22  
Last Light Of Day Edward Weil 22  
Ornament in grand color Jan Meades 21  
Peaceful Solitude Pat Lucas 21  
Great Horned Owl 2 Joan Francoeur 20  
The Old Fireplace   19  
The Schooner Angelique Armand Francoeur 29 1ST
Sunflower Field Maryellen Stone 28 2ND
Weeping Forsythia Pat Lucas 27  
Lake Reflections Elaine Ford 25  
Newburyport Joan Francoeur 25  
Hallucinogenic Sunflowers William Willis 24  
Out Of Body Experience Edward Weil 24  
Sandcastle Purple Urchin Jan Meades 23  
Zakim Rod Parker 22  
Margaret Todd Dennis Richards 20  
Black & White
Show Boat Robert Ring 29 1ST
Lily Stamen Roy Haddock 28 2ND
4th of July Steve Fales 27 3RD
Antique auto ornament Jan Meades 26  
Tree Pose on Bridge Elaine Ford 25  
1856 Hesler Log House Bradford Smith 24  
Christian Science Church Rod Parker 23  
Fort Warren Alcove Pat Lucas 23  
Old Barber Shop John Lowe 23  
Acadian Wetlands Dennis Richards 22  
The Wall and the RING Malcolm Anderson 22  
Normandy Cemetary William Willis 21  
Swan At Henley Edward Weil 20  
The Boxer Jim Kedersha 29 1ST
Deakon David Volkmann 26  
Fun in the Snow Jutta Curtin 26  
Bryana Steve Fales 25  
Sailors Three Rod Parker 25  
Laurie In Times Square William Willis 24  
Learning From The Master Edward Weil 23  
Waterfall Meditation Elaine Ford 22  
Angela C Malcolm Anderson 20  
Bandleader introducing his grandaughter Jan Meades 20  
Triplets   3  
Assigned - Rain
Storm Drains Elaine Ford 29 1ST
Little Hunters Beach Lisa Pelonzi 28 2ND
Rain Delay William Willis 27  
Rainy Day Duck Maryellen Stone 26  
Raindrops on Shallow Pond Bradford Smith 24  
Rain At Lees Ferry Edward Weil 22  
Rain Drops Rod Parker 21  
Rain Will Not Deter Our Performance Jan Meades 20