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~REMINDER: Club meetings start at 7:00 on Digital Competion Nights

Scores - 2015-2016 - January

January-2016 - Digital Competition
Judge: Dan Charbonnet
Title Maker Points Award
General - Class A
Bee On Crocus Gary Hoyt 30 DIOM
Snow Drift Peggy Erb 29 1ST
Seaside Sunset At Fort Foster Keri McAndrews 28 2ND
Snowbirds 5 Michele Peterson 27 3RD
The Route Less Travelled Richard Ferris 26 HM
The Blue Hour Joe Reardon 26  
American Redstart Judi Hoyt 25  
Only One Red One Sandy Thomas 25  
Christian Hands Justin Borden 24  
Halibutpointsunset Jim Kedersha 24  
Milkweed Brad Smith 24  
Old Chevy John Lowe 24  
Rockport 1978 Andrew Katsampes 24  
The Wet Wren Sherie Dowsett 24  
Yellow Crowned Night Heron On The Prowl Joan Francoeur 24  
3 Bug Lunch For Junior Jutta  Curtin 23  
Old Farm House Tom Curtin 22  
33 Ford Roadster Michele Peterson 21  
Majestic Flyby Maryellen Stone 21  
Sassy Kathy Radford 20  
Cookies And Milk   19  
General - Class B
Sunrise At Bryce Canyon Cathy  Sabath 28 1ST
Motif No 1 Rockport Ma David  Jones  27 2ND
Stick Trees Thru Lead Glass Window Jim Kidd 26  
Winter At Glen Moss Steve  Carson 26  
West Beach Mel Briggle 25  
The Potter Jane Pedersen 24  
Christopher Columbus Park Victoria O'Brien 23  
Researching Metamorphosis June Carson 23  
Balloon Fun Wendy Walsh 22  
Panters Mel Briggle 22  
Sleepy Harbor Michael Matthews 22  
From Nuts To Bolts   19  
Nature - Class A
Female Hummingbird Jutta  Curtin 30 1ST
Osprey With A Double Judi Hoyt 29 2ND
Pickyeaters Jim Kedersha 28 3RD
For The Nest John Lowe 28  
Bohemian At Work William Willis 27  
Got It Joan Francoeur 27  
Lunch In Hand Justin Borden 27  
Bluebird With Worm Gary Hoyt 26  
Chickadee Sherie Dowsett 26  
Crab Anyone Maryellen Stone 26  
Off The Rocks Harold Roussell  26  
Pileated Protecting Nest From Merganser Christopher Bowe 26  
Purple Roller With Mantus Deb Sullivan 26  
Nature - Class B
Alaskan Brown Bear Don Erb 26 1ST
Mom And Pop Pat Lucas 25  
Rainy Day Eagle Jay Richard 24  
Wood Swallow Approching The Nest David  Jones  24  
Colors Timothy McKenna 22  
I See You Too Stephen Painter 21  
Travel - Class A
St Peters Basilica At Dusk Prerak Shah 29 1ST
Honfleur Tom Curtin 28 2ND
Portland Me Fish Pier Kathy Radford 26  
Grist Mill Peggy Erb 25  
Lowell Church At Night William Willis 25  
Arch At Pictured Rocks Brad Smith 24  
Eternally Irish Joe Reardon 24  
A Man And His Dream Sandy Thomas 23  
Travel - Class B
Alaska Range At Wonder Lake Don Erb 29 1ST
Maid Of The Mist Michael Matthews 28 2ND
Portland Head Lighthouse Michael Francis 28  
Dawn Of A New Day Stephen Lewis 27  
Flasher At Grand Canyon Wendy Walsh 27  
Mt Denali 50 Miles Jay Richard 26  
Schroon Lake Awakening Steve  Carson 22  
The Hope Lynn In Hampton Harbor Nila Stickney 22  
Hooked On Motif One Gerry Charest 21  
People & Portraiture - Class A
Mvp Karl Hentz 29 1ST
Epic Fail Richard Ferris 28  
Noble Warrior Renee Deal 27  
They Made Me Wear This Hat Keri McAndrews 25  
Hi Im Zach Kelly Blackadar 22  
People & Portraiture - Class B
Sailors Three Rod Parker 28 1ST
Looking For Santa June Carson 26  
Far Away From Home Timothy McKenna 23  
Photojournalism - Class A
Crovo 2015 7434 Andrew Katsampes 28 1ST
Elevate Prerak Shah 28  
High Steaks Renee Deal 28  
Run Run Run Karl Hentz 27  
Watercross Collision Michele Peterson 25  
Sudbury Muster Harold Roussell  23  
Passports Please Deb Sullivan 22  
Photojournalism - Class B
Panhandling With Subtle Technology Pat Lucas 28 1ST
Semper Paratus Michael Francis 27  
The Iceman Cometh Rod Parker 26  
Aidens Run Jim Kidd 25  
Emmaus Cycle For Shelter Gerry Charest 25  
4Th Regents Stephen Painter 24  
Christmas Window Painting Competition Nila Stickney 24