Club meetings are held on Wednesday Nights - Visitors Welcome           7:00 PM - Social Gathering 7:30 ~ 9:00 PM Meeting & Program (except for digital competition nights which start at 7:00)

~REMINDER: Club meetings start at 7:00 on Digital Competion Nights

Scores - 2015-2016 - February

Digital Competition
Judge: Some Guy
Title Maker Points Award
Photojournalism - Class: B
Winning Goal Paul Golobski 22  
Gee Our Old LaSalle Ran Great Martha Perimian 24  
Jumper Classic Carl Garrant 27 First Place
Photojournalism - Class: A
Street Chalk Art Festival Brad Smith 25  
Powder Perfect Mike Poulin 26  
Beanpot Selfie 2016 Kathy Radford 29 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: B
Tired Tourist Gerry Marchese 24  
Hawaii With Kim Elizabeth Desmarais 26  
Really Dad Jane Pedersen 26  
Special Moment Michelle Hare 26  
Number One Loser Rod Parker 27  
Passing Time Delaine Nicotra 30 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: A
Sisters Prerak Shah 23  
Pure Innocence Stuart Merle 24  
Lincoln Keri McAndrews 26 First Place
Travel - Class: B
Cliff House Bob Miller 21  
Irishmans Pride and Joy Patricia Watson 21  
Azla Morocco Delaine Nicotra 22  
4 Cupola Barn VT Bonnie Lucas 23  
Off The Path Jordan Pond Acadia Michelle Hare 23  
Winter In Rockport Linda Sullivan 23  
Dingle View Lisa Roberts 24  
North End Pizza Stephen Van Seters 24  
Seacoast Kathy Walsh 26 Second Place
Rejkjavic Harpa Concert Hall Lorraine Lurvey 29 First Place
Travel - Class: A
Swasey Park Exeter NH Stuart Merle 23  
Seattle at Dusk Mike Poulin 25  
Annisquam In The Fog Deb Sullivan 26  
Cinque Terre Bill Willis 27  
Ludwigs Schloss Les Wood 27  
Newfoundland Fishing Village Ron Wybranowski 27  
Springtime Harold Roussell 29 First Place
Nature - Class: B
Autumn Fire Alex Wudyka 21  
Green Swamp Kathy Walsh 21  
Too Early Bob Miller 22  
Lunch Bonnie Lucas 24  
Dragonfly Jane Gifun 25  
I See You Jane Pedersen 25  
Little Blue Heron Stalking Dennis Richards 25  
Purple Finch Martha Perimian 25  
Staring Contest Gerry Marchese 25  
Time For Lunch Roy Steiman 26  
Anhinga with Chick Robin Boisvert 28 Second Place
Snow At Rye Robert Silvia 30 First Place
Nature - Class: A
An Egrets Lunch Bill Willis 24  
Maple Tapping Michael Duguay 25  
General - Class: B
Tied Up Paul Golobski 22  
Breakfast All Around Me Lisa Roberts 23  
A Walk In The Fall Jane Gifun 24  
Abstract 1 Stephen Van Seters 24  
Right Side Up Upside Down Carl Garrant 24  
Schooner Race Gloucester Elizabeth Desmarais 25  
Somesville Bridge Roy Steiman 25  
Sunset At Rings Island Robert Silvia 25  
Daisy Dew Drops Patricia Watson 27  
Under The Glacier Lorraine Lurvey 27  
The Blues At Rest Alex Wudyka 28 Third Place
Crossing the Zakim Rod Parker 29 Second Place
Abandoned Namibian Home Robin Boisvert 30 First Place
General - Class: A
Sunset Juno Light Brad Smith 22  
Reflections Of A Winter Wonderland Keri McAndrews 23  
Thanksgiving 2016 Kathy Radford 23  
Stay With Me Forever Harold Roussell 24  
Bee_on_Crocus Michael Duguay 25  
Jenny Gristmill Prerak Shah 25  
Shaker Village Bell Tower Deb Sullivan 25  
Not A Colonoscopy Les Wood 27 Second Place
Ahh Spring Ron Wybranowski 28 First Place