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~REMINDER: Club meetings start at 7:00 on Digital Competion Nights

Scores - 2015-2016 - March

March-2016 - Digital Competition
Judge: Mike Roman
Title Maker Points Award
General - Class A
Goldfinch In Winter Sherie Dowsett 29 DIOM
Early Morning Light At Jacksonville Beach Pier Keri McAndrews 27 1ST
Simply Elegant Maryellen Stone 27 2ND
Monet'S Garden Tom Curtin 26 3RD
Snowy Egrets Fishing Joan Francoeur 26  
Reddish Egret With A Catch Judi Hoyt 25  
Teamwork Richard Ferris 25  
Chickadee Take Off Gary Hoyt 24  
Polo Bw 5046 Andrew Katsampes 24  
Rope House Joe Reardon 24  
Cadillac Mt Sunset John Lowe 23  
Fortus Michele Peterson 23  
Bleeding Heart Sandy Thomas 21  
Ready For Lobster Fishing Kathy Radford 21  
General - Class B
White Orchid Lorraine Lurvey 29 1ST
Sunset After The Storm Tina Andrews 28 2ND
Provincetown Wharf Stephen Fales 26 3RD
Bessie Pat Lucas 25  
Rocky Coast At Dusk Mel Briggle 25  
2 Among Many Jane Pedersen 24  
Cardinal Jon Birchmore 24  
Fantasy Gerald Marchese 24  
Tufted Titmouse Gerry Charest 24  
Buckmaster Pod After The Storm Michael Francis 23  
Sun Down Stephen Lewis 21  
Sun Gazing Carl Garrant 21  
View Of White Mountains Nh David  Jones  21  
Nature - Class A
Loons Feeding Chicks Gary Hoyt 29 1ST
Young Wren Feeding Sherie Dowsett 28 2ND
Reddish Egret With Catch Brad Smith 28 3RD
Flycatcher With Fishfly Christopher Bowe 27  
Limpkin With A Snail Judi Hoyt 27  
Snowy Owl Peggy Erb 27  
Yummmm Maryellen Stone 27  
In Flight Justin Borden 26  
Osprey With Lunch John Lowe 26  
Fish For Dinner Harold Roussell  25  
Preparing For Landing Jutta  Curtin 25  
Red Breasted Merganser Hen In A Hurry Joan Francoeur 25  
Two Brothers Sharing A Kill Deb Sullivan 25  
Bringing Home The Bacon William Willis 24  
Baby African Elephant Russell Pead 21  
Nature - Class B
Butterfly Posing William Marcoux 27 1ST
What Do You Want Sharon Reynolds 25  
Deer Jon Birchmore 24  
Spilt Milk Carl Garrant 24  
Warbirds Michael Francis 24  
Close My Eyes And Catch A Turtle Jay Richard 21  
Travel - Class A
Sossusvlei Dunes Deb Sullivan 28 1ST
Quincy Market William Willis 27 2ND
Smithsonian Icon Justin Borden 26  
Colosseum At Dusk Prerak Shah 25  
A Different View Of Paris Jutta  Curtin 24  
An Irish Welcome Sandy Thomas 24  
Sundown Lake Powell Tom Curtin 24  
Zabriskie Loop View Brad Smith 22  
Travel - Class B
A Walk Through Minuteman Park Stephen Lewis 28 1ST
Mormon Row Wyoming Don Erb 26 2ND
Freedom Rishabh Shah 26 3RD
New England Winter Get Away Steve  Carson 25  
North Conway Station Gerry Charest 25  
The Red Dress In Frederiksborg Castle Pat Lucas 25  
50 Year Old Sign In Billerica Rr Woods Nila Stickney 24  
Early Morning At The Luxor Gerald Marchese 24  
Naples Pier, Naples, Fl Patricia Watson 24  
Peggy'S Cove Ns Jim Kidd 24  
Cypress Sunrise Jay Richard 22  
Fanueil Hall Stephen Painter 22  
Painted Rocks Lake Superior Wendy Walsh 22  
Conemara River, County Mayo, Ireland Patricia Watson 21  
Sea Of Ice Jane Pedersen 21  
People & Portraiture - Class A
Great Job Karl Hentz 29 1ST
Cowboy Shootout Joe Reardon 28  
Texting Cowgirls Renee Deal 26  
Smiling While Cycling Keri McAndrews 25  
Kayaking The River Peggy Erb 24  
Public Selfie Richard Ferris 23  
People & Portraiture - Class B
Kaelyn Tina Andrews 28 1ST
Eagle Portrait William Marcoux 28 2ND
Old Timer Don Erb 27  
Determination June Carson 26  
Steampunk Gal Stephen Fales 25  
Warrior Woman Francouis Gossieaux 25  
Charlotte New Years Stephen Painter 24  
Miss Katie Michael Matthews 24  
Attention Rishabh Shah 23  
Man From New Jersey David  Jones  23  
Peabody Swim Lorraine Lurvey 21  
Thar She Blows Rod Parker 21  
Photojournalism - Class A
Runrunrun Karl Hentz 27 1ST
Indianapolis 500 Crash Russell Pead 26 2ND
A Flipping Good Flapjack Breakfast Renee Deal 25  
Powderpuff 2015 1177 Andrew Katsampes 25  
Business As Usual Minus The Flood Prerak Shah 24  
Remebering Lost Shipmates Michele Peterson 23  
60 Million Upgrade Harold Roussell  22  
Special Tea For Those In Their 90'S Kathy Radford 21  
Photojournalism - Class B
Air Ball June Carson 26 1ST
Anytime Now Mel Briggle 26 2ND
America Today Sharon Reynolds 25  
Storm Approaching Rye Beach Nila Stickney 25  
2015 Trans Day Of Action, Nyc Francouis Gossieaux 24  
Higher Education Steve  Carson 24  
Moving Day Rod Parker 24  
The Force Is Strong With This One Michael Matthews 24  
Hauling In The Seaweed Jim Kidd 23