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Scores - 2016-2017 - October

11/2/2016 Digital Competition
Judge: Steve Sulewski
Title Maker Points Award
Photojournalism - Class: B
Keeper Mary Boermeester 19  
Ground_Ball_to_Pedey Larry Picardi 20  
El_Galeon_Entering_Newburyport_Harbor Jim Kidd 23  
Fixing_sails_Oliver_Hazard_Perry Bob Costanzo 26  
First Turn Mel Briggle 30 First Place
Photojournalism - Class: A
Whale Watching Karl Hentz 23  
Remember the Fallen Justin Borden 24  
Florida_Surfer Betty Denise 25  
Championship Bull Riding World Finals Renee Deal 28  
Passports_Please Deb Sullivan 29  
Soaked Bill Willis 30 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: B
The_Happy_Fiddler Rod Parker 17  
Sweetheart Lorraine Lurvey 19  
old salt Phil Frank 20  
Flower_Girl June Carson 23  
The year is 1911 Wendy Walsh 25  
Galway Hurdy Gurdy Man Patricia Watson 27  
O_Sole_Mio Bonnie Lucas 28 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: A
Sadie John Lowe 16  
Baby at the Beach Peggy Erb 17  
Long Jump Karl Hentz 20  
Keith Urban Renee Deal 23  
Looking into the Future Prerak Shah 24  
Ballerina2 Michele Peterson 25  
Just Engaged Keri McAndrews 28  
Miss Vivien David Volkmann 29 Second Place
Louiza tending market in Nauta Pat Lucas 30 First Place
Travel - Class: B
Route 66 Bygone Era Fred Boucher 18  
Travertine Terrace David Ricker 19  
Cog_Railroad_climbing_Mt.Washington Bob Costanzo 20  
Sedona_After_the_Rain Cathy Sabath 22  
Livin'_On_Malta_Time Gregory Davis 23  
Laundry_Day Bonnie Lucas 24  
Sunset_at_Naples_Pier_Florida Victoria OBrien 25  
Cliffs of Mohr Ireland David Jones 26  
untitled Robert Silvia 27  
Christian Science Center Gerry Charest 28  
Yukon_Aurora_and_Big_Dipper Jane Pedersen 29 Second Place
A Jackson Wyoming Morning Joseph Gifun 30 First Place
Travel - Class: A
Eiffel_shadow Tom Curtin 22  
Brook Mountain Denali NP Don Erb 23  
Sail in Maine Harold Roussell 23  
Maui Sunset Prerak Shah 24  
Aurora over the Campsite Roy Haddock 25  
Mont St. Michel, France Jutta Curtin 26  
View_From_Whitepocket Gary Hoyt 26  
Women of the blue city Pat Lucas 26  
Route 66 #1 Mary Boucher 27  
Munchen Oktoberfest Richard Ferris 28  
Hraunfossar_Falls Deb Sullivan 29 Second Place
Early Morning In Lofoten Islands, Norway Howard Lung 30 First Place
Nature - Class: B
Frequent Flyer Carry on Food Steve Painter 16  
I see you David Ricker 16  
Avian self care Phil Frank 17  
Eagle On Rock Donald Jones 17  
The Dragonfly Gerry Marchese 18  
Lunchtime Mary Boermeester 19  
Stormy Sunrise Cathy Dunhan 19  
Mother to Be Joseph Gifun 24  
Take_out_delivery Joanne Jensen 25  
Frozen Bob Wallace 26  
Granite_waves_on_the_swift Brian Flanagan 27  
PortraitPuffin Delaine Nicotra 27  
Red_Winged_Blackbird_Fledge Deborah Monte 28 Third Place
Nest Builder Fred Boucher 29 Second Place
Arctic_Tern_fresh_catch Steve Carson 30 First Place
Nature - Class: A
Sunrise Weeping Willow Kathy Radford 17  
Ready_for_Liftoff William Marcoux 18  
Nuthatch #1 Mary Boucher 19  
Big Catch Harold Roussell 23  
Pileated Peggy Erb 23  
Black Skimmers Mating Roy Haddock 24  
Butterfly_Weed_Feast Maryellen Stone 24  
Black_Skimmer Gary Hoyt 25  
Hummingbird_Drinking_Nectar James Kedersha 25  
Osprey_Dive Judi Hoyt 26  
Osprey With Dinner Bill Willis 27  
Ignore_him Tom Curtin 28 Third Place
Egret Sherie Dowsett 29 Second Place
The Flying Artist Jutta Curtin 3  
General - Class: B
All About the Light Mel Briggle 15  
All_Locked_Up Jane Pedersen 15  
Spring_Point_Ledge_Light_Portland_Maine Victoria OBrien 16  
Starliner_reflected_in_Bonneville Brian Flanagan 16  
Swamp Red Steve Painter 16  
At_Day's_End Cathy Sabath 17  
Blue Perspective Gerry Marchese 18  
DianasBath Delaine Nicotra 18  
Whaleback_Light_Kittery Steve Carson 19  
Visitors At The Delicate Arch Arches NP David Jones 20  
Pre Storm Wave Action Lorraine Lurvey 21  
Seventy-Five years difference Bob Wallace 22  
pinyon pine Robert Silvia 23  
Rocky Gorge Wendy Walsh 23  
Autumn_Road Deborah Monte 24  
Morning_fog_Lubec_Maine June Carson 24  
Peaceful_Sunset Joanne Jensen 24  
Bar_Harbor_Ropes Gregory Davis 25  
4 On TheFloor Steve Lewis 26 Honorable Mention
Mexican Sunflower Feast Patricia Watson 27 Honorable Mention
Polo Match Cathy Dunhan 28 Third Place
Anitque_Car.jpg Donald Jones 29 Second Place
Unfurling Gerry Charest 30 First Place
General - Class: A
Tulip2 Michele Peterson 17  
Don't Get Your Feet Wet Kathy Radford 18  
Deer_on_Water_Color William Marcoux 19  
Pokemon Priorities Justin Borden 21  
Storm_Clouds_Gathering Maryellen Stone 22  
Motocross Howard Lung 23  
Yellow_Warbler Judi Hoyt 24  
Ram_Island_Light_At_Dawn James Kedersha 25  
Bug Light on a Foggy Day Don Erb 26  
Trinity Richard Ferris 27 Third Place
Summer Mist On The Merrimack Keri McAndrews 28 Second Place
Spectacular_Sunrise_at_Nubble Betty Denise 29 First Place
General - Class A
Friends Sherie Dowsett 30 Digital Image of the Month