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Scores - 2016-2017 - November


11/30/2016 Digital Competition
Judge: Jim DeLuco
Title Maker Points Award
Photojournalism - Class: B
Artist At Poets Cemetery In Concord Nila Stickney 22  
B-24 Liberator Rod Parker 22  
Thunder Hole Closed Maybe Bob Costanzo 22  
Motorcross Lorraine Lurvey 24  
Nice Catch Nila Stickney 24  
Victory in sight Steve Lewis 24  
Mekhi about to Score a Goal Jim Kidd 24 Second Place
Firefighter_gear Brian Flanagan 25 First Place
Photojournalism - Class: A
5 Goes Bye Harold Roussell 23  
The_Horse_Cart Robert Yelle 23  
Animal Shelter Worker Stuart Merle 24  
Hot Air Balloon Skimming Pond James Kedersha 24  
Compete for the Championship Howard Lung 25  
Race to the Finish Line Stephen Fales 25  
Red Bull Flugtag Boston Renee Deal 26  
Whale Watching Karl Hentz 26 Second Place
Bail Out Justin Borden 27 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: B
Can_you_hear_me_now Steve Carson 17  
Alex Mel Briggle 23  
Molly Bob Wallace 23  
Picking Grapes Lynda Casaubon 24  
Peruvian_School_Girls Stephen Van Seters 25  
Sisters Lisa Roberts 26  
Nina Steve Lewis 27  
Nude_4 Rod Parker 27  
Waterford Crystal Engraver Waterford IRL Wendy Walsh 27  
Trying to Escape Bonnie Lucas 27 Second Place
Frankie Laura Welford 28 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: A
Sweet Child of Mine Prerak Shah 21  
Two Classics Michele Peterson 22  
Long Jump Karl Hentz 23  
The Stuntman Keri McAndrews 23  
Olivia Renee Deal 24  
Would you like a mint tea Pat Lucas 28 First Place
Travel - Class: B
Abandoned Landing British Beach Normandy Jim Kidd 23  
Boston Harbor Laziest River Float Suzanne Fischer 23  
Life before HDR Tim Aeschliman 23  
Amazing Sunset Naples Pier Florida Victoria OBrien 24  
Eaton Church on Crystal Lake Gerry Charest 24  
Lakeside Gerry Marchese 24  
Life on the Sognefiord, Norway Cathy Sabath 24  
Sunset Cadillac Mountain Bob Costanzo 24  
Toronto Cathy Dunham 24  
Amsterdam Canal Michael McGonegal 26  
Dangerous Beauty at Horseshoe Bend, AZ Fred Boucher 26  
Old Faithful Geyer Yellowstone NP David Jones 26  
Ready For The Trip Jane Pedersen 28 Third Place
Monument_Valley Steve Carson 28 Second Place
Cobblestones at Acorn Street Delaine Nicotra 29 First Place
Travel - Class: A
The Taj at Night Prerak Shah 23  
Travel Alaskan Style Jutta Curtin 23  
View From The Bridge Bill Willis 23  
View of Wood Island Light Don Erb 23  
Crystal Lake Morning Stephen Fales 24  
Days End Pemaquid Lighthouse Sandy Thomas 24  
Vestrahorn Mountains Deb Sullivan 24  
Canadian Rockies Tom Curtin 25  
Death Valley View Brad Smith 26  
NH Barn in the Fall Peggy Erb 26  
Looking Into the Crater Sandy Thomas 27  
Piedre Lumbre majesty Pat Lucas 27  
Aiguille du Midi Richard Ferris 28  
Icelandic Tiny Houses Judi Hoyt 28 Third Place
Taking a Selfie at Kirkjufell Roy Haddock 29 Second Place
Fishing Village in Norway Lofoten Is Howard Lung 29 First Place
Nature - Class: B
black & white shoreline Suzanne Fischer 20  
Shack Sunset Bill Puricelli 20  
Blue Heron At Faulkner Falls Nila Stickney 22  
Baby Heron Nila Stickney 23  
Fall At Russsell Pond Lynda Casaubon 23  
Early Morning Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon Fred Boucher 24  
Yummy Invertebrate Steve Painter 24  
Dragonfly Joseph Gifun 25  
Where is my lunch Patricia Watson 25  
Puffins Seal Is National Wildlife Refuge June Carson 26  
Belted Kingfisher Joanne Jensen 28 Second Place
Feeding Time for Hungry Tree Swallows Deborah Monte 29 First Place
Nature - Class: A
Glen Ellis Falls NH Peggy Erb 23  
House Finch Tom Curtin 23  
Mushrooms Robert Yelle 23  
Toad in Waiting William Marcoux 23  
Dragonfly for Lunch Roy Haddock 24  
Passing off John Lowe 24  
Pintail Takeoff Brad Smith 24  
Sunbathing Turtle Betty Denise 24  
Dragonfly Delivery Maryellen Stone 25  
Feeding the Baby Jutta Curtin 25  
Resting Puffin Don Erb 25  
Fox Kits Playing Gary Hoyt 26  
What is Outside Harold Roussell 26  
winter woodpecker Sherie Dowsett 26  
First Ride For Loon Chicks James Kedersha 28  
Loon feeding its Chick Judi Hoyt 28 Honorable Mention
Pileated Woodpecker Making Nest Christopher Bowe 28 Third Place
Fresh Catch Bill Willis 29 Second Place
Tree Swallow Feeding Chick Christopher Bowe 29 First Place
General - Class: B
Clifford Gerry Marchese 21  
Lily of the Water Deborah Monte 21  
Betty Mel Briggle 22  
Cape Marsh Sunrise Steve Lewis 22  
Fishing_camp_sleds Brian Flanagan 22  
In Awe of Nature Lisa Roberts 22  
Leave a light on Cathy Dunham 22  
Sunset at Eastern Point Light Gloucester Victoria OBrien 22  
The Lynx Sails Away David Jones 22  
First Night Aboard Joseph Gifun 23  
Follow the Leader Patricia Watson 23  
Mt Rainier Bill Puricelli 23  
On The Move Jane Pedersen 23  
She needs a little rouge and lipstick Wendy Walsh 23  
Clearing Storm Over the Cog Railway Richard Rooney 24  
Court House Reflections Robert Silvia 24  
old blue Lorraine Lurvey 24  
Spirals at West Quoddy Delaine Nicotra 24  
Window to the past Gerry Charest 24  
View_from_FDRs_Campobello_Summer_Cottage June Carson 25  
Dahlia Opening Joanne Jensen 25 Honorable Mention
NYC Rides Bonnie Lucas 25 Honorable Mention
Mornings on Horseback Steve Painter 26 Third Place
Dawn Tim Aeschliman 27 Second Place
Ball Four Laura Welford 29 First Place
General - Class: A
Childhood Memories Stuart Merle 21  
Cresting the hill John Lowe 22  
Festive Poinsettias Sandy Thomas 22  
Dalvic Church Deb Sullivan 23  
Reflection2 Michele Peterson 23  
Little White Church At Sunrise Keri McAndrews 24  
Inside the Lily Sandy Thomas 25  
Cape Cod Lavender Farm Maryellen Stone 26  
in the evening light Sherie Dowsett 26  
The Chase Is On Justin Borden 26  
Walking the Flight Line Richard Ferris 27  
Full Moon Rising Sept 2016 Gary Hoyt 28 Third Place
Sunset at Boothbay Harbor William Marcoux 28 Second Place
Battleship Cove at Night Betty Denise 29 First Place
Travel - Class B
Burmese_Monks Stephen Van Seters 30 Digital Image of the Month