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Scores - 2016-2017 - January


1/25/2017 Digital Competition
Judge: Jurgen Lobert
Title Maker Points Award
Photojournalism - Class: B
Santa Claus Steve Painter 15  
Smoking_Gun Donald Jones 19  
Go Team Mary Boermeester 20  
Saluting Rod Parker 21  
The Agony of Defeat Championship Game Jim Kidd 21  
Thank you for your service, Cousin Al. Mel Briggle 22  
Paradise Trashed Joseph Gifun 26 First Place
Photojournalism - Class: A
Aviles St. St. Augustine Robert Yelle 03  
Trashy Display Justin Borden 03  
At Santas Parade Karl Hentz 21  
Out of the Water Harold Roussell 21  
Rush to be ahead Howard Lung 22  
KISS Rocks Cheyenne Wyoming Renee Deal 22 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: B
Fun on the trampoline Bob Costanzo 18  
Lips Mary Boermeester 19  
Courtney Steve Lewis 21  
Exploring Rod Parker 21  
Bella Laura Welford 22  
Mariah Lorraine Lurvey 22  
Steampunk bubbles Wendy Walsh 23  
You Better Believe it! Victoria OBrien 24  
Gazing Model Delaine Nicotra 25  
Hayden June Carson 26 Second Place
Pensive_Potter Stephen Van Seters 27 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: A
Melissa Michele Peterson 19  
Proud Mother Karl Hentz 20  
Life Size Christmas Gift Keri McAndrews 22  
They are all handmade Pat Lucas 24  
Youthful Beauty Betty Denise 25  
Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line Renee Deal 26 First Place
Travel - Class: B
Boston Harbor sunset cruise Bob Costanzo 15  
Lower Falls Yellowstone National Park David Jones 18  
Panama Canal Jane Gifun 20  
Portsmouth Fleet Gerry Charest 21  
Babcock Grist Mill Lorraine Lurvey 23  
Lights and Beer Gerry Marchese 23  
Cactus Sunrise Joshua Tree Steve Carson 24  
No Swimming in this Yellowstone Spring! Lisa Roberts 24  
Leg Rowing Fisherman Stephen Van Seters 25  
Grand Canyon Cathy Dunham 26  
Callanish Standing Stones, Scotland Patricia Watson 27 Second Place
Autumn in Boston Steve Lewis 28 First Place
Travel - Class: A
Welcome to Haines, Alaska Jutta Curtin 18  
Hiking into Haleakala Crater Sandy Thomas 19  
Sun Voyager and the Aurora Roy Haddock 19  
Bavarian Church Tom Curtin 21  
Colorado River #1 Mary Boucher 21  
Morning in Zermatt Richard Ferris 22  
Motif at Rockport Kathy Radford 22  
Talkeetna Mountain Range Alaska Don Erb 23  
Brook Mt Denali NP Peggy Erb 25  
Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina Howard Lung 26  
Early morning monkey business in Zimbabwe Pat Lucas 28 Second Place
Black Sand Beach At Vik Deb Sullivan 29 First Place
Nature - Class: B
Bringing home the fish! Joanne Jensen 19  
Bugs is what I eat Steve Painter 20  
Great Blue Heron Fred Boucher 20  
Weather Staghorn Sumac Bud Donald Jones 21  
Peyto Lake Banff_NP Gerry Marchese 22  
Razorbill with Hake Delaine Nicotra 23  
Young Capuchin Joseph Gifun 28 Second Place
Coming in for a Landing Steve Carson 29 First Place
Nature - Class: A
Bringing Home The Bacon Bill Willis 19  
Wild Geranium #1 Mary Boucher 19  
BC Night Herons at the Rookery Roy Haddock 20  
Caribous Sparring Peggy Erb 20  
Sonoran Pronghorns in Yellowstone Don Erb 20  
Bison Tom Curtin 21  
Hello John Lowe 21  
Northern Harrier in Habitat Brad Smith 21  
2nd in Line Jutta Curtin 22  
Cat Fishing Harold Roussell 22  
Dancing Egret Judi Hoyt 23  
Fisherman's Catch William Marcoux 23  
What about me John Lowe 26  
Nesting Bluebird with Fishfly Christopher Bowe 26 Honorable Mention
Bluebird with Moth Gary Hoyt 27 Third Place
Syrphid Maryellen Stone 28 Second Place
Willet Sherie Dowsett 29 First Place
General - Class: B
Off We Go! Lisa Roberts 15  
The Lenny Zakim Victoria OBrien 15  
An Irish Rose Patricia Watson 16  
Avoca Mill, Ireland Wendy Walsh 16  
Gathering Deborah Monte 16  
Off to the races Laura Welford 16  
Passing Storm over Neighbors Farm Jim Kidd 17  
Countryside of the Dingle Peninsula David Jones 18  
Sunset on the rocks Mel Briggle 18  
Yukon Wood Bison Jane Pedersen 19  
Grist_Mill June Carson 20  
Ghostly Dancer Cathy Dunham 21  
1953 White Corvette Fred Boucher 22  
Bug Light Jane Pedersen 24  
First Snow Michael McGonegal 26 Honorable Mention
The Bee Sting Joanne Jensen 27 Third Place
Floating Jane Gifun 28 Second Place
Knot Here Gerry Charest 29 First Place
General - Class: A
Sun Breaking Through Kathy Radford 15  
Fall Sunrise at Jenne Farm Betty Denise 18  
Louisburg Square, Back Bay Robert Yelle 18  
Terciera Coastline William Marcoux 19  
Cake on the Coast Richard Ferris 20  
Oracle Challenger 2 Michele Peterson 20  
Pink Poinsettia Sandy Thomas 21  
Crankin Justin Borden 22  
Hjalparfoss Falls Deb Sullivan 22  
Hummingbird 7 Maryellen Stone 22  
Sunset at the Friendship Gary Hoyt 23  
Plum Island Sunrise Brad Smith 24  
Summer Orchids Judi Hoyt 25  
White Breasted Nuthatch Sherie Dowsett 25  
Dawn Breaks Bill Willis 26  
Supermoon Rising At Whaleback Keri McAndrews 27 Honorable Mention
Eight Strangers Share A Sunrise James Kedersha 28 Third Place
Starling Christopher Bowe 28 Second Place
Millinocket Lake Dawn John Lowe 29 First Place
Nature - Class A
Hummingbird Tongue James Kedersha 30 Digital Image of the Month