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Scores - 2017-2018 - October

10/4/2017 Print Competition
Judge: Erik Gehring
Title Maker Points Award
Assigned -
Decisions Decisions Linda Sullivan 20  
Getting Bee Z Michelle Hare 21  
Portsmouth Tug Boats Jay Richard 22  
Zakem Lines John Lowe 23  
Thermal Infrared Selfie Joseph Gifun 24  
Morning on the Lake Bill Thedford 25  
Modern couple Maryellen Stone 26  
Repeating Cell Phone Keri McAndrews 27  
Boston Bistro Ron Wybranowski 28 Second Place
Life in the cloud Pat Lucas 29 First Place
Black & White -
Big Wooden Barn In Snow Keri McAndrews 03  
Shop clean up Cathy Dunham 19  
623 Mel Briggle 21  
Tuberous Begonia Joseph Gifun 21  
The Boiler Room Stephen Fales 22  
Yulee Sugar Mill Glenn Guaraldi 23  
Harley Power John Lowe 24  
Rope Malcolm Anderson 24  
Before the blossom opens Pat Lucas 25  
Zakim Bridge Michelle Hare 26  
2 Sails in the Fog Jay Richard 27 Third Place
Great Gray Hunting Roy Haddock 27 Second Place
Sparks Lane in Cades Cove Ron Wybranowski 28 First Place
People -
Alex Mel Briggle 22  
Smiles for the tourista Pat Lucas 23  
Vera and Her Glass Armonica Joseph Gifun 25  
Refreshing Treat Keri McAndrews 28 First Place
Manipulated -
Happy Bunny Joan Francoeur 19  
Dreamy Pink Dogwood Keri McAndrews 22  
Have I got a unique home opportunity for YOU Pat Lucas 23  
Hosta Maryellen Stone 24  
La Taverne de Montmartre Jutta Curtin 27 First Place
Color -
Ba Ha Ba garden Jane Gifun 20  
Green Dragon Sunning Jay Richard 20  
Pink Magnolia Maryellen Stone 20  
Garage View John Lowe 21  
Cabin Sunset Mel Briggle 22  
Monarch of Hiller Field Malcolm Anderson 22  
Iris blossom Cathy Dunham 23  
Yellow Lady Slipper Joseph Gifun 23  
At the Spa Jutta Curtin 24  
Sunburst before the storm Pat Lucas 24  
Rocky Rye Sunrise Keri McAndrews 25  
Three Arches in Fort Warren Bill Thedford 25  
Under Cover Stephen Fales 26  
Glory Be Roy Haddock 27 Third Place
Up, Up & Away Gregory Davis 28 Second Place
Botany Bay Road Ron Wybranowski 29 First Place
Manipulated -
The Blue Hole Roy Haddock 30 Print Image of the Month