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Scores - 2017-2018 - October

10/18/2017 Digital Competition
Judge: Jim Deluco
Title Maker Points Award
Photojournalism - Class: B
Riding the Rail Mary Boermeester 22  
2017 Tom Brady First Preseason Practice Richard Dean 23  
Salsa at Quincy Market Bill Thedford 23  
Boys Being Boys Nila Stickney 24  
Lexington Battle Re-enactment 2017 Fred Boucher 24  
Play Olde Time Baseball Gregory Davis 27  
Underground Lowell Jane Gifun 28 First Place
Photojournalism - Class: A
Caged Joseph Gifun 24  
Summer Fun Karl Hentz 24  
Kicking Up Dirt John Yurka 25  
Bareback Wipe Out at Goshen Stampede Renee Deal 28 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: B
Columbia 2014 Shelley Selwyn 22  
Pirates Robert Silvia 22  
You are my sunshine June Carson 22  
Morgan 3 Steve Painter 23  
My Girl Linda Sullivan 23  
Motif No1 Bob Wallace 25  
Watermelons For Sale! Michelle Hare 27 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: A
Angel Mel Briggle 22  
Antonio Renee Deal 23  
Grace Keri McAndrews 23  
Michelle Michele Peterson 23  
Frozen Richard Ferris 25  
The Kick Karl Hentz 25  
floating Vikki Quick 26  
Child of the Amazon Pat Lucas 27  
Honoring a Vet Stephen Fales 28 Second Place
Peaceful Puff Steve Van Seters 29 First Place
Travel - Class: B
Behind the Scenes in Rockport Susan Finn 22  
Kennicott Alaska Wendy Walsh 22  
Cadillac Mountain Jane Gifun 23  
Castle Hill Lighthouse RI Gerry Charest 23  
Folly Beach Sunrise Lorraine Lurvey 23  
Mr. Parmegano Suzanne Fischer 23  
Peggy's Cove Bill Puricelli 23  
Street Art Penang Robin Boisvert 23  
Tranquility on Loon Lake Steve Lewis 23  
Before the Wall 1 Steve Painter 24  
Thomas Lannon Sharon Reynolds 24  
Tower At Blarney Castle David Jones 24  
Grand Canyon Sunset Jane Pedersen 24 Third Place
Ireland Greens Cathy Dunham 24 Second Place
CinqueTerre Italian Riviera Victoria O'Brien 25 First Place
Travel - Class: A
Foggy Cape Cod Morning Sandy Thomas 22  
Irish Pasture William Marcoux 23  
Sunrise at Zabriskie Point Death Valley Deb Sullivan 26  
Florence Tom Curtin 27  
Myanmar Market Steve Van Seters 28  
Neuschwanstein Castle Jutta Curtin 29 Second Place
Milky Way Over Sossus Dune Lodge Howard Lung 29 First Place
Nature - Class: B
Catching The Autumn Moment Richard Dean 03  
retail Jon Birchmore 03  
Basking Painted Turtles Fred Boucher 22  
Passion Flower, Lake Orta, Italy Shelley Selwyn 22  
Preening Spoonbills Patricia Watson 22  
Bison at frosty sunrise Steve Carson 23  
Damn He is still moving Bob Wallace 23  
Four Canadian Geese Nila Stickney 23  
Stay Away Sharon Reynolds 24  
Hungry Moose Wendy Walsh 25  
Harvesting Nectar Jay Richard 25 Third Place
Watch Out, I'm Coming In! Michelle Hare 26 Second Place
Coyote with fawn kill June Carson 27 First Place
Nature - Class: A
Grasses in Birch Forest Gordon Adamyk 22  
I'm Watching You Joseph Gifun 22  
togetherness Vikki Quick 22  
Meal on the River Harold Roussell 23  
Roseate Spoonbill William Marcoux 23  
Feeding TIme Deb Sullivan 24  
Goldfinch in the Thistle Judi Hoyt 24  
Heron with Chick Don Erb 24  
Watchful Anhingas Peggy Erb 24  
Osprey with catch James Kedersha 25  
Otter with Frog Leg Gary Hoyt 25  
Painted Lady Maryellen Stone 25  
Snuggling John Lowe 25  
The Dreamer Jutta Curtin 25  
Gazelle Fight in Etosha NP Namibia Howard Lung 26  
RedHeaded Wookpecker Ron Wybranowski 26  
Steller's Sea Eagle Tom Curtin 26  
incoming Deborah Monte 27 Honorable Mention
Northern Harrier with Nest Material Brad Smith 27 Third Place
Hummingbird Moth on Butterfly Bush Roy Haddock 28 Second Place
Pileated Woodpecker Family Christopher Bowe 29 First Place
General - Class: B
Cloudy Dory Day on the River Jay Richard 22  
Stately Goat Mary Boermeester 22  
Beach Destination Susan Finn 23  
Clam I Am Gregory Davis 23  
Double parked dinghies Steve Lewis 23  
Mendenhall Glacier Robin Boisvert 23  
Sunflower Explosion Patricia Watson 23  
What Time Gerry Charest 23  
A Whale Breach Off The Coast Of Cape Cod David Jones 24  
Best Friends Forever Cathy Sabath 24  
Marshall Point Light Michael McGonegal 24  
Pine trees at sunset Cathy Dunham 24  
The Wall Jane Pedersen 24  
The hands of a violinist Steve Carson 25  
Blue Lorraine Lurvey 26 Third Place
A Totality Moment Linda Sullivan 27 Second Place
shed Jon Birchmore 27 First Place
General - Class: A
Charlie Michele Peterson 22  
Marconi Beach Stephen Fales 23  
snooze Deborah Monte 23  
Step Falls Brad Smith 23  
Coming In For A Landing Sandy Thomas 24  
East Boston Sunset Gordon Adamyk 24  
First Light Richard Ferris 24  
G Man Keri McAndrews 24  
Hanging On Maryellen Stone 24  
Looking Down Judi Hoyt 24  
Motocross Jumper Gary Hoyt 24  
Summer in the country Pat Lucas 24  
Early Morning in Rockport Harold Roussell 25  
Foggy Morning in the Harbor Don Erb 25  
Massabexic Dawn Fog Ron Wybranowski 25  
Tropical Sunrise James Kedersha 25  
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron with Crab Joan Francoeur 25  
Childs Play John Lowe 26  
Getting High at U Mass Amherst Roy Haddock 26  
Boston At Night John Yurka 26 Honorable Mention
Surfer Joe Reardon 27 Honorable Mention
Chevy Power Mel Briggle 27 Third Place
Heart of Dahlia Linda Szabo 28 Second Place
Boott Cotton Mill Peggy Erb 28 First Place
Travel - Class A
Bandon Beach Horses Joe Reardon 29 Digital Image of the Month