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Scores - 2017-2018 - November

11/1/2017 Print Competition
Judge: Jonathan Sachs
Title Maker Points Award
Assigned - Class: None
Nesting Great Crested Flycatcher Christopher Bowe 20  
Treeasaurus Suzanne Fischer 20  
Worn from the elements Pat Lucas 20  
Weathered wood Mary Boermeester 21  
Old Shingles John Lowe 22  
Wood Line Mel Briggle 22  
a weathered sunrise Vikki Quick 23  
Shingles Cathy Dunham 23  
Wooden Railroad Wagon Joe Gifun 23  
Hidden Grotesques Roy Haddock 24  
This Old House Maryellen Stone 25  
Swiftwater Covered Bridge Keri McAndrews 27 Second Place
Weathered Wood Jutta Curtin 29 First Place
Black & White - Class: None
HEADING OUT Rod Parker 20  
Teal Hole Falls Steve Painter 20  
where did I leave my hat Cathy Dunham 21  
Big Wooden Barn In Snow Keri McAndrews 22  
Black Beauty Mel Briggle 22  
I Know Joe Gifun 22  
Done Working John Lowe 24  
High and Dry Roy Haddock 25  
Mill at Moore State Park Glenn Guaraldi 26  
North Parish Church Ron Wybranowski 26  
Osprey in Black and White James Kedersha 27 Third Place
Bessie Pat Lucas 28 Second Place
Kings Crossing Michelle Hare 29 First Place
People - Class: None
The Guitarist Mel Briggle 20  
Mother And Newborn Son Keri McAndrews 22  
Oh those eyes Pat Lucas 22  
Protecting the Waterfront Joe Gifun 22  
STUNNING Rod Parker 22  
Crossing Guards Mary Boermeester 25  
Conqueror! Vikki Quick 27 First Place
Manipulated - Class: None
High Key Pat Lucas 20  
Gerbera Swirl Maryellen Stone 22  
Venice Canal Jutta Curtin 24  
Natures Necklace Michelle Hare 26  
Family In The Fog Keri McAndrews 27 First Place
Color - Class: None
Blown T John Lowe 19  
Autumn Lake Suzanne Fischer 20  
Filament Mel Briggle 20  
Essex Marsh Pat Lucas 21  
Rocky Rye Sunrise Keri McAndrews 22  
Single Cathy Dunham 23  
Would you raise sheep here Steve Painter 23  
Monarch On Zinnia Maryellen Stone 24  
Fall Colors in Yellowstone Ron Wybranowski 25  
Chard Joe Gifun 26  
Horse Show Tiny Rider Mary Boermeester 27  
Alton Bay Jutta Curtin 28 Third Place
Moss Glen Falls James Kedersha 29 Second Place
In the Fairy Glen Roy Haddock 30 First Place
Manipulated -
The Clash Roy Haddock 30 Print Image of the Month