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Scores - 2017-2018 - November

11/15/2017 Digital Competition
Judge: Mike Roman
Title Maker Points Award
Photojournalism - Class: B
NYC_Times_Square_Cohan_statue Brian Flanagan 23  
Run Away Bride Nila Stickney 23  
Horse Show Lunch Break Mary Boermeester 25  
Market Day Lorraine Lurvey 25  
Myopia Polo winning goal Steve Carson 25  
Mr Conductor Little Girl Donald Jones 26  
Deep Freeze Michael McGonegal 27 First Place
Photojournalism - Class: A
Keeping the Memory Joe Gifun 24  
Watercross Collision 2 Michele Peterson 24  
Summer Fun Karl Hentz 25  
Long Jump John Yurka 26  
Motorcross Racing Gary Hoyt 27  
Steer Wrestling at North Star Pro Rodeo Renee Deal 28 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: B
He shoots he scores Mary Boermeester 22  
SC Girl Lorraine Lurvey 23  
Boy in Hanoi Bill Puricelli 24  
Street Entertainer Strasbourg France Jim Kidd 26  
Pretty In Purple Michelle Hare 27  
Little Pirate Plotting Jay Richard 27 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: A
Northern Lights Gordon Adamyk 23  
love of sisters Vikki Quick 25  
Luis Stephen Fales 25  
Reflection on Beauty Richard Ferris 25  
Oranges and bananas customers Pat Lucas 26  
A Crate Full of Cuteness Renee Deal 27  
Alex Mel Briggle 27  
The Kick Karl Hentz 27  
David 2.5 Keri McAndrews 27 Second Place
Hopeful Farmer Steve Van Seters 28 First Place
Travel - Class: B
London Eye Cathy Dunham 22  
Old Fall River Rd Rocky Mt Nat Park Bob Costanzo 22  
Icy Curves Robin Boisvert 23  
Ireland Wendy Walsh 23  
Balloon_Sunrise_View Jane Pedersen 24  
Chocolate Heaven in Orlando David Jones 24  
The nights watch Steve Lewis 24  
Castle Hill Light RI Gerry Charest 25  
Historic Wayside Grist Mill Pat Watson 25  
Yup it Is Marksburg Castle Germany Jim Kidd 25  
Grand Tetons at sunrise Steve Carson 26 Third Place
Mormon Barn double rainbow at sunrise June Carson 28 First Place
Travel - Class: A
Lush Rainforest of the Amazon Pat Lucas 21  
Hiking_in_Iceland Judi Hoyt 22  
Hungarian Horseman William Marcoux 23  
Sawyer Glacier Alaska Joe Gifun 23  
Brooklyn Bridge Commuter Linda Szabo 24  
East Quoddy Head New Brunswick Canada Don Erb 24  
Photographing Yosemite Valley Brad Smith 24  
The Quiraing Scotland Deb Sullivan 24  
VT Barn in Fall Kathy Radford 24  
Linderhof Tom Curtin 25  
Milky Way Over Quiver Tree Forest Howard Lung 25  
View of Main Canal Harold Roussell 26  
Rialto Beach Joe Reardon 26 Third Place
Lobster Town Steve Van Seters 27 Second Place
The Durango-Silverton Express Jutta Curtin 28 First Place
Nature - Class: B
Steaming pool 1 in Yellowstone Radhey Sharma 03  
Rhodie_in_June Brian Flanagan 22  
Erosion Jane Gifun 23  
Conowingo Cormorant Dinner Jay Richard 24  
Great Blue Heron Nila Stickney 24  
Red leaves Andy Tarsia 24  
searching for a snack Suzanne Fischer 24  
Storm Prelude Steve Painter 25  
tasty treat Jon Birchmore 25  
A Bird with a Bee Susan Finn 26  
Lunch Is Served Michelle Hare 26  
Osprey feeding time Fred Boucher 26  
May I eat in peace please Wendy Walsh 26 Third Place
Cat Fight Stephen Setzer 27 Second Place
Snowy Egrets displaying breeding plumage June Carson 28 First Place
Nature - Class: A
Puffin with a Mouthful of Fish Joan Francoeur 22  
Two Spoonbills Peggy Erb 22  
Gotta Scratch My Itch Sandy Thomas 23  
Alighted Vikki Quick 25  
bold and beautiful Deborah Monte 25  
Building the Nest Harold Roussell 25  
Feed Me Maryellen Stone 25  
Incoming Steller's Sea Eagle Jutta Curtin 25  
Osprey Overhead Gary Hoyt 25  
Family Foto Tom Curtin 26  
Fresh Catch William Marcoux 26  
Golden Silk Orb Weaver and Mate John Lowe 26  
Spider for Dinner Roy Haddock 26  
Kingbird With Dragonfly Christopher Bowe 27 Honorable Mention
Gypsy Moth Appetizer Deb Sullivan 27 Third Place
Everybody is Thirsty Howard Lung 28 Second Place
Battle_for_Dinner Judi Hoyt 30 First Place
General - Class: B
Pond in Herald park Radhey Sharma 22  
Stars at Rainbow Curve Rocky Mt NP Bob Costanzo 22  
Amesbury Carriage house Cathy Dunham 23  
Silent movie Andy Tarsia 23  
a good morning Jane Gifun 24  
Natural Beauty Robin Boisvert 24  
Windswept Michael McGonegal 24  
Awaiting Captain & Crew Greg Davis 25  
Butterfly Jane Pedersen 25  
Insulated Still 4 Steve Painter 25  
Plum Island Reflections Bill Puricelli 25  
Seat with a view Steve Lewis 25  
Incoming Jon Birchmore 26  
Swallowtail on Thistle Pat Watson 26  
Fishing at Wachusett Reservoir Gerry Charest 26 Honorable Mention
Its Better to be First Stephen Setzer 27 Third Place
X Marks the Spot Susan Finn 28 Second Place
Autumn Swan Fred Boucher 28 First Place
General - Class: A
Super Hornet Take-off Michele Peterson 22  
Before Mass Stephen Fales 23  
Sunset Mel Briggle 23  
The Hounds from Hell Roy Haddock 24  
Bristlecone Brad Smith 25  
Kent Falls Peggy Erb 25  
Regal Queen Linda Szabo 25  
Shaker House Joe Reardon 25  
New Hampshire Seacoast Kathy Radford 26  
Pinpoint Precision Richard Ferris 26  
Purple Sandy Thomas 26  
My shoe is undone John Lowe 27  
Old Stone Church Don Erb 27  
Late Afternoon Autumn Reflections Keri McAndrews 27 Honorable Mention
Coneflower Dancer Maryellen Stone 28 Third Place
look what i found Deborah Monte 28 Second Place
Real 3D TV John Yurka 29 First Place
General - Class A
Groton Sunset Gordon Adamyk 30 Digital Image of the Month