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Scores - 2017-2018 - January

1/17/2018 Digital Competition
Judge: Rick Cloran
Title Maker Points Award
Photojournalism - Class: B
Just out of the strike zone Bob Costanzo 22
Cell Tower Installation At Faulkner Mills Nila Stickney 23
Touching up Cathy Dunham 23
Fall cleaning neighbors bedroom Mary Boermeester 24
Working Street Artist Strasbourg Jim Kidd 25 First Place
Photojournalism - Class: A
Concentration Karl Hentz 24
Winning Bareback Ride Renee Deal 26
Filling Up Her Watering Can Sandy Thomas 27
intersection of hope & worry Vikki Quick 28 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: B
Quechee Vermont Glass Blower Victoria O'Brien 19
Brooke Mary Boermeester 21
Danielle Steve Painter 24
Trust Andy Tarsia 24
Reflection of a musicians soul June Carson 25
Music Man Lorraine Lurvey 26
Lavender Lady Michael McGonegal 27 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: A
Jessica Michele Peterson 23
The Contender Mel Briggle 24
bored beauty Vikki Quick 25
Little Brother Kisses Renee Deal 25
Patriot Richard Ferris 25
Blue Eyes Karl Hentz 26
Ojos Del Gato Bill Willis 26
Holding On Steve Van Seters 28 Second Place
Gabriela Pat Lucas 29 First Place
Travel - Class: B
Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland Pat Watson 03
Martha Mary Chapel Sudbury Landmark Victoria O'Brien 19
Walkway to Beach Sharon Reynolds 21
African Safari Stephen Setzer 22
Stairway to a great view Bob Costanzo 22
mesa arch Jane Pedersen 23
Moat and Gate House Heidelberg Castle Jim Kidd 24
Sunflowers On The Farm Richard Dean 24
Rock Isle Lake, Banff Wendy Walsh 25
Mormo Row Grand Tetons at sunrise Steve Carson 26
Mdina Carriage Ride Greg Davis 26 Third Place
Newfoundland Cape Bonavista Lighy Gerry Charest 27 Second Place
Spotlight on Rainier Bonnie Lucas 27 First Place
Travel - Class: A
Waterfall Along the Kanc Kathy Radford 22
Manhattan to Brooklyn Linda Szabo 23
Mormon Row Grand Teton NP Peggy Erb 23
Traditional Japanese Wedding Party Jutta Curtin 23
Into the Valley of Fire Deb Sullivan 24
Olympic Coast Joe Reardon 24
Sunrise at Namibia Quiver Tree Forest Howard Lung 24
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Don Erb 25
Maroon Bells Tom Curtin 25
Early Morning Delivery Harold Roussell 26
Masa Arch John Yurka 27 Third Place
Cheese on a bike Pat Lucas 28 Second Place
The Butcher Steve Van Seters 29 First Place
Nature - Class: B
Golden Sunrise Susan Finn 03
Hummingbird's eye view Andy Tarsia 03
Pink Explosion Nila Stickney 17
Beautiful Camera Posing Richard Dean 20
Puffin In Flight Michelle Hare 20
Slouching Steve Painter 20
Anyone Home Wendy Walsh 21
Galapagos tortoise Bill Thedford 22
snack time Jon Birchmore 22
Waterfall #3 Bonnie Lucas 24
Common Adult Grackle with immature birds Fred Boucher 26 Third Place
Frog Fish Walking Stephen Setzer 27 Second Place
Coyote with fawn kill Steve Carson 29 First Place
Nature - Class: A
Attention Getting Pelican Peggy Erb 22
Fish for Breakfast Harold Roussell 22
Goodby John Lowe 22
Osprey with a Meal Joan Francoeur 22
My Children Three Roy Haddock 23
Time for Dinner Joe Gifun 24
Butterfly Up Close John Yurka 25
Early Morning Hunt Judi Hoyt 25
Sandhill Crane Family at Sundown Brad Smith 25
Frosty Morning Tom Curtin 26
Wasp at Work William Marcoux 26
Family Feud Jutta Curtin 27
Kingbird with Dragonfly Deb Sullivan 27
Tube Steak Dinner Bill Willis 27
yum Deborah Monte 27
Cheetahs in Namibia Etosha National Park Howard Lung 27 Honorable Mention
Intertwined Maryellen Stone 28 Third Place
Short Eared Owl with a Vole Gary Hoyt 29 Second Place
Great Crested Flycatcher with Swallowtail Christopher Bowe 30 First Place
General - Class: B
Me and My Little Brother Fred Boucher 19
Rockport Sharon Reynolds 19
Still Life At Simon Pearce Vermont Victoria O'Brien 19
The Venerable Wayside Inn Grist Mill Victoria O'Brien 19
Adare Town Park Pat Watson 20
Poison Ivy Cathy Dunham 22
Peek A Boo Lorraine Lurvey 23
Sunrise - Eastham, MA Greg Davis 23
2 Ospreys Jane Pedersen 24
The Way Into Yellow is Through Blue Gerry Charest 24
P town Afternoon Michael McGonegal 26
Fair Time Michelle Hare 26 Third Place
Blue Christmas Susan Finn 27 Second Place
Artful butterfly June Carson 28 First Place
General - Class: A
The City Mel Briggle 21
Arriving at Dawn Azores William Marcoux 22
Sunset Dog Walk NH Coast Kathy Radford 22
red white blue infinity Michele Peterson 23
Sunset on the Cape-2 Judi Hoyt 23
living fountain Deborah Monte 24
Sunflowers and Bee John Lowe 24
Sunrise at Sandy Point Brad Smith 24
Blue Hour Boston Skyline Keri McAndrews 25
Old Stone Church Don Erb 25
Red Cardinal Perching Joan Francoeur 25
Water Tank Joe Reardon 25
Heavy Surf in Gloucester Gary Hoyt 26
Spring Flower Joe Gifun 26
Dahlia Sandy Thomas 27 Honorable Mention
Painted Daisies Linda Szabo 27 Third Place
Wildflowers Maryellen Stone 27 Second Place
Dirty Rider Richard Ferris 29 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class A
A Handful Of Love Keri McAndrews 30 Digital Image of the Month