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Scores - 2017-2018 - February

2/21/2018 Digital Competition
Judge: Marshall Goff
Title Maker Points Award
Photojournalism - Class: B
Rathyatra in Boston Radhey Sharma 20  
Celebrate Andy Tarsia 21  
Night job Suzanne Fischer 21  
Lucky 13 Lead Richard Dean 23  
Hampton Beach Fire Nila Stickney 25 First Place
Photojournalism - Class: A
Seaside Decay Joe Gifun 22  
Catch of the Day Sandy Thomas 24  
Around the buoy Michele Peterson 25  
First Place Karl Hentz 26  
focused Vikki Quick 26  
The Longest 8 Seconds in Sports Renee Deal 27 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: B
Avignon Mystic Greg Davis 20  
Playing the Blues Roomful of Blues Bob Costanzo 21  
Boott Mills Stairway Bob Wallace 23  
A static situation Andy Tarsia 24  
SEMI FORMAL DANCE Mary Boermeester 24  
Will Jane Gifun 25  
Pretty Smile Michelle Hare 26 Second Place
Ruby Jane Michael McGonegal 27 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: A
Calling Very Long Distance Joe Gifun 21  
The Look Richard Ferris 23  
Trapped In Chihuly Bill Willis 23  
Brian and Julie Stephen Fales 24  
Faux Fur Never Looked So Good Vikki Quick 24  
Ice Beauty Karl Hentz 25  
Stand Up Paddler At Sunrise Keri McAndrews 25  
Fernanda Pat Lucas 26  
Soul Man Steve Van Seters 26  
Roller Derby Dame Renee Deal 26 Second Place
Alex Mel Briggle 29 First Place
Travel - Class: B
Grand Teton Visitors Radhey Sharma 19  
Death Valley Dante's View Bill Puricelli 20  
Simon Pearce Glass Shop Vermont Victoria O'Brien 20  
Spruce Tree House Mesa Verde Jane Pedersen 22  
Kinsale Street Pat Watson 23  
Spillars Cove Gerry Charest 23  
Teton morning Jane Gifun 23  
Bar Harbor Cruisers Old & New Bob Costanzo 24  
Gates to Audie Murphy's Bunker Breisach Jim Kidd 24  
Smokies Rays Lorraine Lurvey 24  
Bryce Canyon Overlook James Doucett 24 Third Place
Stockholm Sweden Wendy Walsh 25 Second Place
Schwabacher Landing at Sunrise Steve Carson 28 First Place
Travel - Class: A
Shinto Shrine Tom Curtin 20  
Gaspe Peninsula Canada Deb Sullivan 22  
Early Morning Delivery by Boat Harold Roussell 23  
Smokey Mountain Sunset Don Erb 23  
Riberia dos Caldeiros Azores William Marcoux 24  
Face Rock Joe Reardon 25  
Valley Of Ten Peaks John Yurka 25  
Speicherstadt Hamburg Jutta Curtin 27  
Crossing the Street Steve Van Seters 27 Second Place
Abandoned in Place Bodie CA Brad Smith 28 First Place
Nature - Class: B
Beach Bird on a Fence Susan Finn 03  
Moth Ordchid Roger Locniskar 21  
Sparrow Nila Stickney 22  
Thinkin of Spring Cathy Dunham 22  
Waterfall Wendy Walsh 22  
Where is my dinner Pat Watson 25  
Snowy Egret Nesting June Carson 26  
Trepidation Over Snake Skin Stephen Setzer 26  
Dogwood in Ice James Doucett 27  
Red Shoulder Hawk Calling Mate Jay Richard 27  
Snuggle Buddy Michelle Hare 28 Third Place
Downy Woodpecker Food Transfer (6602) Fred Boucher 28 Second Place
TODAY'S CATCH Mary Boermeester 29 First Place
Nature - Class: A
Trees Encased in Ice Kathy Radford 21  
Garwin Falls In Ice John Yurka 23  
Roots Pat Lucas 25  
Whopper Swan Tom Curtin 25  
Brown Pelican Peggy Erb 26  
Heres Looking at You Harold Roussell 26  
Kestrel with a Grub Judi Hoyt 26  
Oyster Catcher with Sea Worm Gary Hoyt 26  
Florida Scrub Jay with Lunch John Lowe 27  
Lilac Breasted Roller in Namibia Howard Lung 27  
voracious little ones Deborah Monte 27  
Yellow Crowned Night Heron Don Erb 27  
Staying Alive Bill Willis 28  
Snack Time Maryellen Stone 28 Third Place
Pileated Woodpecker Excavating Nest Christopher Bowe 29 Second Place
Mother and Child Macaque Jutta Curtin 29 First Place
General - Class: B
Mass State Bird Roger Locniskar 19  
Red Moon and Bright Stars Richard Dean 19  
Life Inside a Windmill Netherlands Jim Kidd 20  
Abstract Cathy Dunham 21  
Ayer Mill Clock Tower (1123) Fred Boucher 21  
Boott Mills Stairway Bob Wallace 21  
Death Valley Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes Bill Puricelli 21  
Church Pews Lorraine Lurvey 22  
Table and Chairs Michael McGonegal 22  
Harbor Sea Smoke Susan Finn 23  
web Jane Pedersen 23  
Still Life At Simon Pearce Vermont Victoria O'Brien 24  
Bretton Woods Birches Greg Davis 25  
Bumblebee Collecting Pollen June Carson 25  
Water Lillies Pat Watson 25  
Windy Florida Sunrise Jay Richard 26  
Anemone Gerry Charest 26 Honorable Mention
Twilight Commute Bonnie Lucas 27 Third Place
Motorcycle Stunt Jumper Stephen Setzer 27 Second Place
Stormy Seas at Portland Head Light Steve Carson 28 First Place
General - Class: A
Corvette Brake light reflection Michele Peterson 21  
Hooker Farm Rd Salem NH Kathy Radford 21  
Boots Joe Reardon 22  
Creating Waves Walking the Digital Runway Peggy Erb 23  
Dog Lake Yosemite Brad Smith 24  
you are my sunshine Deborah Monte 24  
Asters Maryellen Stone 25  
Fall Stream Mel Briggle 25  
Here's Looking at You William Marcoux 25  
Peak Season Richard Ferris 26  
Sea Ice At Sunrise Keri McAndrews 26  
Supermoon over Nubble Judi Hoyt 26  
Tulip Fading Linda Szabo 26  
Water is Cold John Lowe 26  
Time Square Stairs Stephen Fales 27 Honorable Mention
After the Rains Deb Sullivan 27 Third Place
Hanging Out with a Water Lily Sandy Thomas 28 Second Place
Kingbird with a Dragonfly Gary Hoyt 29 First Place
Travel - Class A
Namibia Diamond Ghost Town Howard Lung 29 Digital Image of the Month