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Scores - 2017-2018 - March

3/21/2018 Digital Competition
Judge: Paul Parisi
Title Maker Points Award
Photojournalism - Class: B
Oh No Hampton Beach without beach sand Bob Costanzo 20
Salisbury February Beach Day Mary Boermeester 25
Trimming Grape Vines Breisach Germany Jim Kidd 26
WTC 911 Pavilion Brian Flanagan 26
GRBA 5K Steve Painter 27
Player On The Run Nila Stickney 27
Irish Award Winning Fiddler Jay Richard 28
Ice Climbing At The Flume Michelle Hare 29 Second Place
Football gang tackle Steve Carson 30 First Place
Photojournalism - Class: A
Just Keep Rowing Sandy Thomas 25
Boston Roller Derby Bout Renee Deal 26
One Unhappy Winner Richard Ferris 27
Stop or I'll release the dog Michele Peterson 29
The Racer Karl Hentz 30 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: B
Chris Plays the blues Bob Costanzo 28
Bath time Andy Tarsia 29
You Found Me Bonnie Lucas 30 First Place
People & Portraiture - Class: A
Alex Mel Briggle 24
Color-coordinated Steve Van Seters 25
Glowing Mama To Be Keri McAndrews 25
Hot Dog Skier Don Erb 25
In Church Vikki Quick 25
Sky Diving John Yurka 25
Native American woman in Lubec Pat Lucas 27
Jolie In Paris Bill Willis 28
Ice Beauty Karl Hentz 29 Second Place
Emily Renee Deal 30 First Place
Travel - Class: B
Italy Northern Region Victoria O'Brien 23
Porta Robin Boisvert 23
Cannon Row Marksburg Castle Germany Jim Kidd 25
Rainy Day Zion Jane Pedersen 25
Grand Tetons sunrise June Carson 26
Little Ubehebe Crater Bill Puricelli 26
Savannah Michelle Hare 26
Colors of Ontario Wendy Walsh 27
Over the Bridge Gerry Charest 28
Upheaval Dome Canyonlands James Doucett 29 Second Place
Quiraing, Island of Skye, Scotland Pat Watson 30 First Place
Travel - Class: A
Farmhands in Cuba Vikki Quick 23
Japanese Fishing Boats Jutta Curtin 23
Terrace Formations Yellowstone NP Joe Gifun 23
Vermont Farm John Yurka 25
Glenfinnan Viaduct Deb Sullivan 27
Water Wheel Tom Curtin 27
Slow Boat Ride Harold Roussell 28 Second Place
Namibia Sossusvlei Sand Dune Howard Lung 29 First Place
Nature - Class: B
trilium Cathy Dunham 20
Mule Ears Steve Painter 23
Sally Lightfoot Crab Bill Thedford 23
Apple Snails are Good Jay Richard 25
Frozen Wendy Walsh 25
Heron in the Reeds Mike McGonegal 25
Hiding Porcupine Fish Stephen Setzer 25
Woodstork with nesting material Steve Carson 25
survival of the fittest Jane Gifun 26
Cormorant Feeding Its Offspring Fred Boucher 27
Hoodoo Sky James Doucett 28 Third Place
Lone Tree Nila Stickney 29 Second Place
Read the smallest letters on the chart Andy Tarsia 30 First Place
Nature - Class: A
Mink Fishing Judi Hoyt 24
Red Crowned Cranes Mating Dance Jutta Curtin 24
Reddish Egret Kerfuffle Maryellen Stone 24
Staying Vigilant Bill Willis 24
Black and White Warbler with Catch Brad Smith 25
Butterfly Feeding William Marcoux 25
Evil Eye John Lowe 25
Flash Joe Gifun 25
Frog On Guard Kathy Radford 25
Gotcha Deborah Monte 25
Hyena after Breakfast Howard Lung 25
Cormorants Sunning Peggy Erb 26
Dinner for 3 Tom Curtin 26
Cedarwaxwing with Mullberry Gary Hoyt 27
Blue Heron Don Erb 27 Third Place
Bluebird Feeding Chick Christopher Bowe 29 Second Place
Family Line Up Harold Roussell 30 First Place
General - Class: B
Tough Road Ahead Mary Boermeester 20
Winter At Portland Head Light Gerry Charest 20
Serene Bonnie Lucas 21
showing off Jane Gifun 21
Rack em up Cathy Dunham 22
Lowell Rail Bridge Brian Flanagan 23
Death Valley Bill Puricelli 25
Old Stone Church on Wachusett Reservoir Victoria O'Brien 25
Lilly Visitor Jane Pedersen 26
Pawtucket Falls Mike McGonegal 26
Ayer Mill Clock Tower - 1123 Fred Boucher 27
Frisbee Dog Stephen Setzer 27
Artful Bumble bee June Carson 28 Third Place
Budding Flowering Maple Pat Watson 29 Second Place
Southwest Harbor Autumn Leaves Greg Davis 30 First Place
General - Class: A
Lupines in a Field Judi Hoyt 21
Rock Harbor Sunset Gary Hoyt 23
Summer Strem Mel Briggle 23
Busy as a bee Pat Lucas 24
Palm Warbler William Marcoux 24
You Talking to ME Kathy Radford 24
Cover of Murder Mystery Deborah Monte 25
Perfect Landing Spot Sandy Thomas 25
Dahlia Bud Maryellen Stone 26
DeSoto Hood Ornament Michele Peterson 26
Glitter City John Lowe 26
Pink Lily Linda Szabo 26
Resting Hummingbird Keri McAndrews 26
Ghost Town Mining Wagon Brad Smith 27 Third Place
Eyeing the Competition Richard Ferris 29 Second Place
Boott Mill Exterior Peggy Erb 30 First Place
Travel - Class A
Enlightened Steve Van Seters 30 Digital Image of the Month