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January 2016
06 JAN (PC3) Print Competition:

Print Competition

13 Jake Mosser:

 North East Massachusetts Nature

18 FEB (PC4) Print Competition:

Print Competition Digital Image Files Due

20 FEB (PC4) - Print Competition:

 Print Competition Prints Due

20 FEB (DC4) Digital Competition:


25 Glennie Nature Salon:

Entries Open to Clubs

27 David Volkmann & Lisa Pelonzi:

Baby and Family Portraiture

28 Girls vs Guys:

Photo Submission Closes

February 2016
03 FEB (PC4) - Print Competition:

Print Competition

10 Guys & Gals
17 FEB (DC4) Digital Competition:

Digital Competion

22 MAR (PC5) Print Competition:

Print Competition Digital Images Files Due

24 Jim Vaiknoras & Allegra Boverman:
"Pro perspective... our photojournalism technique and our philosophy in everyday photography."
24 MAR (PC5) Print Competition:

Print Competition Prints Due

March 2016
Joe Brady:

10 Tips for Creating Better Landscape Photographs (Sponsored by Sony)

02 MAR (DC5) Digital Competition:

Digital Competition IMAGES DUE

03 Glennie Nature Salon:

Entries Close to Clubs - MIDNIGHT

09 MAR (PC5) Print Competition
12 Glennie Nature Salon Competition:

To be held at Greater Lynn Photographic Assoc, Lynn, MA 9:00AM

16 MAR (DC5) Digital Competition
21 April (PC6) Print Competition:

Print-Digital Images Due

23 APR (PC6) Print Competition:

Print Competition PRINTS DUE

23 John Rockwood:

"Loonman" Photography & Loon Locations

30 Kathy Tarantola:

Panoramic Landscape Photography

April 2016
06 APR (PC6) Print Competition
06 APR (DC6) Digital Competition:

Digital Competition IMAGES DUE

13 Joe Reardon:

Advanced Luminosity Masking Techniques With Topaz Labs Plugins

24 Member Critique Night Photo Submission ::

Critique Night Photo(s) due by Midnight

27 Member Critique Night:

Receive constructive feed-back on up to 2 Photos

May 2016
04 Malcolm Anderson:

Carlson Competion

11 Club Night Photo Shoot:

Grab your camera, Come take a photo, Talk to old and new friends

18 Art Vaughan:

NECCC Print of the Year Competition

25 Club Night Photo Shoot:

Photo Review & Critque

June 2016
01 End of Year MVCC Competition (DIGITAL & PRINT)
08 BUSINESS MEETING (Active Members Only):

ICE CREAM SOCIAL _ Richardson's Ice Cream

September 2016
07 Lou Jones:

Olympics Past & Present

More Information on Lou Jones 

14 Sarah Musumeci:

How to WOW the Judges

More on Sarah Musumeci

18 Summer Photo Review:

Submit three of your summer images for an upcomming photo review.  The deadline for submitions is Sunday, September 18th.  Log in and upload your Images from the Competitions --> Interclub 2016 page  

21 Summer Photo Review:

Critique Night

28 Fall Foliage:

Plan a trip / Pack a Bag

Close Up Photography with Bob Miller & Joe Reardon

October 2016
03 Oct PC1:

Print Competition Digital Image Files Due

05 Oct PC1:

Print Competition Prints Due

The Art of Bird Photography:

Peter Christoph 
Sponsored in Part by Hunts Camera

12 Photoshop LightRoom Review:

Bob Ring & Don Toothaker

New England Photo Workshops

12 Oct DC1 :

Digital Images Due

19 Oct PC1:

Print Competition

26 Travel Visions Journey:

Ossian Lindholm from Argentina


Boy Scout Building

31 Nov PC2:

Print Competition Digital Image Files Due

November 2016
02 Oct DC1:

Digital Competition

02 Nov PC2:

Print Competition Prints Due

09 Nov DC2:

Digital Competition Images Due

Fast Glass and Night Photography:

Roman Kurywcak

Sponsored in Part by Sigma

16 NOV PC2:

Print Competition

23 No Meeting:


30 Nov DC2:

Digital Competition

December 2016
07 Bobbie Lane Portraits:

Bobbie Lane

12 Jan PC3:

Print Competition Digital Image Files Due

14 Architectural Photography:

Lynne Daimos

14 Jan PC3:

Print Competition Prints Due

21 DC3 Digital Competition Image file due :

Digital Competition Image file due "Date Changed"

21 Christmas Party:

Christmas Party and Mini Show Too

28 No Meeting:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year