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January 2017
04 Jan PC3:

Print Competition

11 Floral Photography:

Linda Szabo

16 Feb PC4:

Print Competition Digital Image Fiels Due

18 Club Photo Shoot:

An evening of photography at the Church

25 Jan DC3:

Digital Competition

February 2017
01 Street Photography:

Suzanne Merrit

08 Feb PC4:

Print Competition

08 Feb DC4:

Digital Competition Images Due

15 Compositing-Expand Your Creative Space:

Jim Christensen

20 Mar PC5:

Print Competition Digital Image Files Due

22 Feb DC4:

Digital Competition

22 Mar PC5:

Print Competition Prints Due

March 2017
01 Review Night:

Lets Review your Images from the Church Photo Shoot

08 Mar PC5:

Print Competition

08 Mar DC5:

Digital Competition Images Due

15 Best of NECCC Prints:

Art Vaughan, Best of NECCC Prints

Canceling club tonight 3/15/2017, Presentation to be rescheduled.

20 APR PC6:

Print Competition Digital Image Files Due

22 Mar DC5:

Digital Competition

22 Apr PC6:

Print Competition Prints Due

29 Photographing Historic Buildings:

Steve Perlmutter In Scout Building

April 2017
05 Apr PC6:

Print Competition  Boy Scout Building

05 Apr DC6:

Digital Competition Images Due

12 10 Step Process Channel Work Flow:

Lee Varis

19 Apr DC6:

Digital Competition

26 "Fur & Feathers":

Gail Hansche

May 2017
03 Carlson Competition:

Malcolm Anderson

10 Best of NECCC Prints:

Presented by Art Vaughan

12 Images Due for The Artists Eye Critique
17 NECC Print of the Year Competition:

Art Vaughn

24 The Artists Eye Critique
31 End Of Year Competitions:

Digital and Print

June 2017
07 Business Meeting:

Active Members Only

14 Annual Banquet
August 2017
17 EC Meeting
September 2017
06 MVCC Summer 2017:

President's Opening night- Business Meeting- Digital show: MVCC Summer 2017

13 Travel Photographers iPhone:

Bill Barnett

18 PC1 Images Due:

Images Due

20 PC1 Prints Due:

Prints Due

20 Introduction to Masking:

Rick Cloran

27 Monitor Calibration:

Hazel Meredith

October 2017
04 DC1 Image Due:

Digital Images Due

04 PC1 Print Competition:

Print Competition

05 EC Meeting
11 Getting the Perfect Color Print:

John Gregor

16 PC2:

Images Due

18 DC1 Digital Competition
18 PC2:

Prints Due

25 Photography on th Edge (Scout Building):

The extreme Angles of Philbrick Photography

Jay Philbrick

In Scout Building

November 2017
01 DC2 Images Due
01 PC2:

Print Competition

08 Rendering for Impact:

Jim Christensen

15 DC2 Digital Competition
16 EC Meeting
29 Crafting Painterly Effects with Textures in Photoshop:

Karen Choi

29 Pre-Meeting New LightRoom Creative Cloud and LightRoom Classic Likes /Dislikes:

Our own Larry Picardi will host this pre-meeting general discussion, likes /dislikes of the new LightRoom Creative Cloud and LightRoom Classic. Nov 29th between 6 and 7 PM before the regular program.

December 2017
06 Mat Cutting, Print Mounting and Presentation Psychology:

Mike DiStefano

13 Set-up Night:

Hands-on Setup and advice tables

18 PC3:

Images Due

20 PC3:

Prints Due

20 Christmas Party/ Member Mini-Shows:

Presented by gary & Judy Hoyt