Club meetings are held on Wednesday Nights - Visitors Welcome           7:00 PM - Social Gathering 7:30 ~ 9:00 PM Meeting & Program (except for digital competition nights which start at 7:00)

~REMINDER: Club meetings start at 7:00 on Digital Competion Nights

All Calendar Events
February 2018
14 Behind the Image
March 2018
28 Take Control of Your Digital Photos W/Adobe Lightroom:

Shawn Carey

April 2018
11 Storytelling Photography - Children:

Paula Swift

25 Sports/Nature: All for One:

Andrew Katsampes

May 2018
The Power of Simplicity & Expression:

Nikhil Bahl, "The Power of Simpliicity & Expression",

16 Innovative Still Photo Techniques:

Joe Lefevre

September 2018
05 CLUB MEETING: Opening Night; Digital Show "MVCC Summer 2018":

Presidents Night Opening Remarks, Committee Report Outs, MVCC Summer Member Images Slide Show

12 CLUB MEETING: Critique Night:

Members Critique Night (Member images critiqued by a panel of 3 judges)

17 IMAGES DUE: Digital Images of Prints are due for the October 2018 Competition (PC1) :

Print Competition: Digital Images of Prints are Due for the October 2018 Print Competition (PC1) Must be Submitted by 12 Midnight

19 CLUB MEETING: Night Photography:

Introduction to Night Photography: Elizabeth Ryan

19 IMAGES DUE: Prints Are Due for October 2018 Print Competition (PC1):

Prints Are Due for the October 2018 Print Competition (PC1)

26 CLUB MEETING: Impressionistic Photography:

Impressionistic Photography: How to Use Your Camera as a Paintbrush By Charles Needle

October 2018

October 2018 Print Competition (PC1)

03 IMAGES DUE: Digital Images Are Due for DC1:

Digital Competition (DC1): Digital Images Are Due - Must Be Submitted By 12 Midnight 

10 CLUB MEETING: Dead in Good Company:

Dead in Good Company: A Celebration of Mount Auburn Cemetery by John Harrison and Kim Nagy

15 IMAGES DUE: Digital Images due for Print Competition PC2:

Print Competition (PC2): Digital Images for the Prints Must Be Submitted By 12 Midnight for the November 2018 Print Competition (PC2)

17 DIGITAL COMPETITION: DC1 (Early meeting start at 7:00):

October 2018 Digital Competition (DC1)  (Note: Club meeting will start at 7:00PM in order to allow judge to comment on all digital competition categories)

17 IMAGES DUE: Prints due for PC2:

Print Competition (PC2): Prints are Due for November 2018 Print Competion (PC2)

24 CLUB MEETING: Photoshop Tips & Tricks:

Photoshop Tips & Tricks (Centered Around Layers) by Ella Carlson


November 2018 Print Competition (PC2) 

November 2018
07 CLUB MEETING: Portrait Lighting:

Portrait Lighting Wiith Skip Hoyt, including set up with model for demo and possibly limited member shooting.


November 2018 Digitial Competition (DC2)

21 Thanksgiving Holiday (No meeting):

No Camera Club Meeting

28 CLUB MEETING: Creating Competitive Nature Images:

"Creating Competitive Nature Images" with Rick Cloran 

December 2018
05 CLUB MEETING: Behind The Image:

Insight by MVCC club members on how they created their competition winning images.

12 CLUB MEETING: Wedding Photography (Your way):

Wedding photography with an emphasis on the storytelling aspects, with Ron Lemelin

19 CLUB MEETING: Christmas Party / Mini-Shows:

Annual Christmas Party and Mini-Shows

26 Christmas Holiday (No Meeting):

No Camera Club Meeting