Club meetings are held on Wednesday Nights - Visitors Welcome           7:00 PM - Social Gathering 7:30 ~ 9:00 PM Meeting & Program (except for digital competition nights which start at 7:00)

~REMINDER: Club meetings start at 7:00 on Digital Competion Nights

All Calendar Events
January 2019
09 CLUB MEETING: Environmental Portraits:

Presented by David Oxton (Note: An environmental portrait is a portrait executed in the subject's usual environment, such as in their home or workplace, and typically illuminates the subject's life and surroundings)

23 CLUB MEETING: Member Travelogues
30 CLUB MEETING: Black and White Photography:

Black & White Photography program by Geff Bourke.  Learn to produce strong B&W images and recognize good B&W subjects.

February 2019
13 CLUB MEETING: Photography in Our National Parks:

Fantastic photography and tips for photographing our National Parks by Ron Wybranowski.

27 PSA Travel Division Interclub Competition (Round 2):

MVCC hosts the judging of round 2 of the PSA Travel Division interclub competition.

March 2019
13 CLUB MEETING: Guys vs. Girls Competition:

Good Luck to both genders!

27 CLUB MEETING: Best of NECCC Prints:

Winning Prints from the NECCC Competitions presented by Art Vaughan

April 2019
CLUB MEETING: Envision: The Art of Seeing Creatively:

A program on "seeing" presented by Mark Bowie and co-sponsored by Hunt's Photo & Video.  "The Art of Seeing is as much about seeing with the mind's eye as it is with your own eyes."  Mark Bowie

17 CLUB MEETING: A Paradigm Shift in the World of Bird Photography:

A Paradigm Shift in the World of Bird Photography by Roman Kurywczak

May 2019
01 CLUB MEETING: Carlson Black & White Print Competition:

Interclub competition of Black & White Prints hosted by Malcolm Anderson

08 CLUB MEETING: Drone Photography:

Joe Turner - "From the Ground Up, Commercial Drone Photography"

15 CLUB MEETING: Daytime Long-Exposure Photography:

Jurgen Lobert - Daytime Long Exposure Photography

22 CLUB MEETING: NECCC Print of the Year Competition:

Interclub competition hosted by Art Vaughan

June 2019
05 CLUB MEETING: Annual Business Meeting:

Annual MVCC Business Meeting


Annual MVCC Awards Banquet 6:00 PM

(Lenzi's Restaurant, 810 Merrimack Ave, Dracut, MA)

September 2019
04 First CLUB MEETING of New Season:

President's Night - Welcome Back Members!

-Presentation: Photographic Review of MVCC Field Trips from Last Season (Steve Carson)

11 CLUB MEETING - Digital Printing Workflow and Paper Choices (by Cemal Ekin sponsored by Red River Paper):

The main focus of the presentation is on the workflow, including color management, work environment, Photoshop and Lightroom settings. Also, picking the right paper from among many choices with ample number of prints the participants can touch, feel, and get a first hand experience of the papers. 

18 CLUB MEETING - Time to Show Your Work (by Ron Wybranowski):

Ron will share his experience displaying his print photography in shows and galleries.  He will focus on what works and what doesn't, costs and potential venues for shows.

25 CLUB MEETING - Southeast Florida Wildlife Photography & Excursions (by Jay Richard):

This presentation provides an opportunity to expand or refresh your skills on How, When and Where to find wildlife in their natural habitat.

October 2019
02 CLUB MEETING - Photo Critique Night (Hosted by Steve Van Seters):

Member images are given constructive criticism by a team of 3 member “judges”. There are no winners or losers, only critique.   Each member may submit up to 4 digital images.     (Refer to Steve's 12-Sep-2019 email for further details)

09 October Digital Images are Due for October 2019 Digital Competition DC1
09 CLUB MEETING - Digital Photo Challenge:

A new club activity being coordinated by Pat Watson.  (The subject for the first challenge is "REFLECTIONS" - Refer to Pat Watson's Sept 9th email for details).

16 CLUB MEETING - Travel Photography (by Denise Silva):

This presentation focuses on how to prepare, both literally and mentally for travel photography. We don’t always get what we expect when we plan our epic vacations… learn how to roll with the punches in the entertaining presentation. Also, learn some handy tips and tricks on how to be prepared for the challenges of destination photography.

23 October 2019 Digital Competition DC1:

Note: We will meet in the Boy Scout Building (next door to the church) on this night.

30 CLUB MEETING - Capturing Photographs with your Phone (by Melissa Fraser):

Techniques and apps to improve your cell phone photography.

November 2019
06 Digital Images are Due for November 2019 Digital Competition DC2
06 CLUB MEETING - Set up Night and Flea Market:

1. Photographic opportunities will be set up in the meeting room. 

2. Members can sell their used equipment.

13 November 2019 Digital Competition DC2
20 CLUB MEETING - The Wonders of the Night Sky (with Peter Baumgarten):

The Wonders of the Night Sky - A Journey of Photographic Discovery

The night sky holds fascination for many people. Join Peter Baumgarten, professional photographer and Olympus Visionary as he discusses how he became an 'accidental astrophotographer' and how his passion for photographing the night sky has grown. A number of tips and techniques will be shared that will help improve your own night sky images.  

This program is sponsored by Olympus and an Olympus rep will be onsite with equipment, ready to answer any technical questions.

27 Holiday - No Club Meeting
December 2019
04 CLUB MEETING - Get Creative with Lightroom (by Betty Wiley):

Get Creative with Lightroom

11 CLUB MEETING - Photo-travel: The Way To Go (by Mike Goodman):

Photo-travel: The Way To Go

18 MVCC Christmas Party:

Member mini shows

25 Holiday - No Club Meeting