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~REMINDER: Club meetings start at 7:00 on Digital Competion Nights

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Digital/Print Rules

Digital/Print Rules

In addition to the guidelines outlined in other sections the following rules also apply to all MVCC Competitions.

  • All members compete on a fair and equal basis, within their class, if applicable.

  • Entries will be accepted ONLY from members who have paid their dues for the season.

  • All images, or parts of an image, must be the maker's own work. If you did not press the shutter you cannot use it. Fonts and typography may be used. A background may be inserted, where not specifically prohibited, provided it is amorphous, without texture and has no recognizable elements. User generated art is allowed, as a component, in the open category only. Stock photography or clip art may not be used.

  • All processing must be done by the maker, with the exception of using an outside printing service.

  • Any image, or part of an image, which has already won an award in monthly print or digital competitions in any year, or any image that is remarkably similar, will not be eligible for entry into another monthly print or digital competition.

  • No image, or part of an image that is remarkably similar, can be submitted more than twice to Digital or Print Competitions.

  • Remarkably similar images are those of the same subject, shot from a similar position, at the same time of day or lighting - regardless of cropping or orientation (landscape versus portrait).

  • Images ineligible for monthly digital or print competitions that adhere to these common rules are eligible to be submitted to intra and interclub competitions such as the Quad Competition, Guys & Gals, etc.

  • An image may only be submitted to one competition at a time. For example an image submitted to the Digital Competition may not be submitted to the Print Competition until the results of the Digital Competition have been completed.

  • Infractions discovered after the competition has been completed will be disqualified and re-scored to a three. That score will not be dropped toward the end-of-year standings.

  • If the Executive Committee believes an image is questionable, the maker shall fully cooperate with the Committee or its designee to resolve the matter. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification, and rescored to a three. That score will not be dropped toward the end-of-year standings. Any image brought into question, must be fully supported by the image's raw file and metadata. If an Executive Committee member brings an image into question, that member will refrain from voting on that issue.

  • By submitting the image to the monthly competition, the member permits MVCC to display the image on its website or use the image in club related materials.

  • Any image entered into a MVCC competition may be selected by the club representative to be entered in PSA, NECCC and other interclub competitions (approved by the Executive Committee). The club representative may also solicit images directly from members if they see fit.
  • In all cases the copyright for the image remains with the owner.